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  1. KirtFalcon what about the push in the back on the Garrison TD that should have been called back? I can go on and on as well. Take the loss and move on and quit making excuses. The better team won tonight. PERIOD
  2. Hawkins is looking good this year and have their best record at 10-0 in 41 years. Garrison is 4th seed in District 10 but they are a good team. Hawks need to come ready to play to keep the streak alive. Hawks have the momentum and will pick up their first playoff win here.
  3. If we limit the turnovers and penalties we will be good. We had 3 turnovers and a ton of penalties against us when we played Frankston. We have a lot of weapons on offense and a tough defense. Carlisle is a good team but we should win this game granted we clean up the penalties and turnovers. Will be a fun game to watch. Go Hawks!
  4. Who y’all got? I’m going with the Hawks, we are playing good ball right now.
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