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  1. Incredible, Place is going to miss him.
  2. Is he a current HFC in the same District?
  3. Was he forced out or left on his own terms?
  4. Hear they have their man. Previous Coach?
  5. Former Bulldog and Eagle?
  6. Cooper Non District Grand Saline Hooks Lone Oak Collinsville
  7. This is Matt Stepps Predictions District 5-2A District 6-2A District 7-2A District 8-2A Bangs Bosqueville Alvord Alba-Golden Coleman Crawford Tioga Bogata Rivercrest Goldthwaite DeLeon Tom Bean Como-Pickton Harper Hamilton Trenton Cooper Junction Itasca Whitewright Honey Grove Mason Rio Vista Wolfe City Quinlan Boles San Saba Tolar Winters Valley Mills
  8. My prediction is they go up by 10 roughly
  9. No he was the AD/HFC at Sherman
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