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  1. A lot of you must have been friends of Castles or something. I’ve never seen so many people upset about a guy being let go who didn’t actually win anything. And if 3rd and 4th round exits is good enough for you, then that’s part of the culture problem. Expectations should be high as can be. What’s the point if you aren’t trying to win state in a place that has won it before and has talent that is capable in many years.
  2. Hadn't really thought about it until I read your comment, but there are some kids these days who will never have played a football game on grass.
  3. Ahh. You did the thing that I told myself I wouldn't do. lol
  4. I'm not sure I know what to make of you and your posts. I think I like it??? It's got a wild, feral energy. Carry on good sir
  5. You beat me to this one! I was going to say Chester. I took part in a scrimmage at Chester where apparently the night before kids had gotten their trucks on the field and cut donuts into it. No attempt was made at fixing the issue. lol
  6. I hope that both hires will be perfect and have great success. Though not from Henderson or a Henderson fan, I still think its best for all of East Texas for as many schools as possible to be good and competitive. I also hope the new coach at Henderson will be willing to play Carthage again.
  7. Maybe the new coach can make a hard pitch to him for football. Lol.
  8. Kilgore. Not to mention their program and talent is in a better place right now to begin with for these coaches.
  9. I think what he was saying is that maybe more was expected given the talent that took the field during his time there. I feel like Hendo should have been able to pull a championship at least one of those years that they exited in the 4th. Like congrats and all that you made it that far however many times, but if the current folks in charge believe that he was never going to get further in that, then you got to make a move at some point. I have no idea if what they just hired will be better, same or worse. But I get making a move.
  10. Makes me wonder who all else applied and was considered. Was this the best option of applicants?
  11. I like it! PG has played good defense for awhile, now granted they have stayed stocked with D1 athletes, but I think this could be a good match!
  12. I will confess I am no great with many schools and their mascots. PG is the only Hawks right off the top of my head that come to mind. And it would make sense that coaches from their staff get looked at for jobs given all the success they have had in recent years.
  13. A Kilgore bulldog? and What sort of Hawk...?
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