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  1. It's only because I have conversed more with Mr. Lifter than most I think, because I just can't help myself. lol Carthage will have many talented skill players (Hatten, Paddie) return along with many more in the sub varsity teams on the way up. I think it will all depend on development and improvement on the O-line and to see what happens with the QB position. Will the incumbent improve? He has potential and flashed it at times. Or will it be someone else? We shall see, it will be interesting indeed. I know that I will be following CS and Celina both closely from hear on. At the beginning of the year I was really hoping to get to see Carthage and Celina in the title game, but I gotta pull for CS now! No offense dotcom. But it wouldn't hurt my feelings if Celina was there to play them.
  2. You can't win it all every single year. It's just not realistically sustainable for that long. But I'll take 8 championships in 15 years any day. I'll also take only two losses in the previous 81 games. It only ever seems to be 1-2 years in between another Bulldog championship. We will see. I am glad for some other teams to get to have their moment of glory and days in the sun though.
  3. I have become fluent in Powerlifter and if anyone needs a translation at anytime, just @ me. lol. What he is saying is that West Orange Stark fans are hypothesizing that if Carthage had played their "A-game" then it would be a WOS vs. Carthage matchup, instead of WOS vs. China Spring. As a Carthage fan, I will say that China Spring had our number this year and the better team won. In reality, we did not have the offensive output to match our defense and it showed against a CS squad that had a fantastic defense and a QB who was a baller!
  4. That is some grade "A", informative analysis!
  5. I would say they are more dominant on defense, but they have a lot of speed at the skill positions as usual and a very good RB in Gales.
  6. Agreed! Even last year, when Carthage beat CS handily, you could still tell that Bowden was a great talent and player. CS can and will throw when needed. I do not know for sure who will win, but I do believe this will be a really good game!
  7. There is an old adage that says something about how an official could call holding on every play if they wanted to, because it truly happens nearly every play. Bad calls and missed calls happen in every game and to every team. I have better uses of my time than to go back and watch this game to look for uncalled penalties on CS or bad calls against Carthage, but I bet if I did and had access to every view imaginable I’d find plenty. It happens. It would be one thing to poo poo about if it cost CS the game, but it didn’t. CS was pretty much in control from the get go. It was every bit as close a game as the score indicated and were it not for jumping over the center it could be a different story. But he did jump over the center and CS earned and deserved the win they got.
  8. It’s still too close to call for me. I could see a WOS vs Gilmer title game just as easily as I could see China Spring vs. Celina. I’m kinda excited to get to watch some of these games without a dog in the fight and just enjoy what is hopefully some tense, down to the wire matchups.
  9. I have always felt this way about our crowds, outside of a handful of games over all the years. Carthage crowds just don’t hardly ever get super into the games and participate in things like trying to make it loud for opposing offenses and such. Sometimes I think that’s just our crowd and not much can be done about it, but who knows. I don’t disagree with your post
  10. Congrats to Timpson on the win and congrats to Beckville on their best football season ever! This was a hard fought, tough game. It was close through 3 quarters and had a few key plays bounced differently it might have been even closer. I hope Timpson digs deep and gives Shiner a run for their money!
  11. If I’d have been drinking when I read that I might have spit lol
  12. Y’all still got beat by perhaps the worst offense Carthage has fielded in the Surratt era. But regardless of your cheap shot, good luck next week.
  13. You are probably the happiest person who’s school is not still playing. Lol
  14. If not worst, it was second worst. Lol Next season will be interesting. Seeing how offense improves hopefully, but soooo many holes to fill on defense
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