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  1. I do believe Gilmer has good reason to be very confident this season. But yea someone will keep that in their pocket just in case. Lol
  2. Last year the best defense in the state in 4A Div 2 (and I don’t mean according to PPG against crappy competition) was Carthage.
  3. If Carthage watches from home this year with that defense, it will mean that the new O-line couldn't get it together and/or the new QB didn't play to the standard that has been filled by pretty much all of them in the Surratt era. I'm willing to bet the new key players figure it out and they make it again.
  4. Exactly. You could fill an ocean with the amount of tears Barry has cried after being shutdown by The Honcho.
  5. Barry the only thing you know about me is that I own you every time we engage. You make some indirect, lame reply and then run off with your tail between your legs. Tale as old as time. We all laugh at your expense. It's great. Keep it up. Bubba.
  6. You say that as if you are doing any different? Correct me If I'm wrong Barry, but you aren't offering to meet up for fisticuffs with anyone, correct?
  7. As a veteran of the old Oregon trail, I found that one particularly hilarious.
  8. As I said before, I don’t have a dog in the fight. I can see both sides of the aisle. One kid opted to sit out I guess for health reasons you are saying? If your body can’t handle one more year of high school football, I’d think it’s really not going to hold up well at the college or pro level. More or less I was saying that if I had an option to skip a year of football and become a millionaire, that seems like an easy choice.
  9. It spared them what would have been embarrassment the following week. It worked out the best way it possibly could for WOS.
  10. I see your point there, given that the title mentions BLM and what not. Would have been better for it to highlight the hypocrisy as opposed to the BLM part.
  11. I'm saying If I was a kid who could skip my senior year and become a millionaire right away, why the hell wouldn't I?
  12. Yea, that is another possibility. It does happen. Just in this instance you were questioning things and saying there wasn't proof when there was.
  13. I don't have a dog in the fight, but that was before the rule change about collegiate athletes getting paid wasn't it? That might affect some people's opinions.
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