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  1. He did spend a little time there, but he and his family were from Carthage.
  2. I would love to see a matchup with Texas High.
  3. Big shoes to fill, but sounds like he's more than capable!
  4. Yea I'm not disagreeing with the ranking. One more appearance in title games and the losses coming to champs and finalists. Can't really argue with that. I'm just happy to have had the success to be #2.
  5. Don't think you will find many realistic options for Carthage to play in higher classifications. Whether it be logistics with distance and travel and/or a "legit" team in a higher classification not really having much to gain and having a lot to to lose by playing Carthage. I'd say nice try, but it wasn't.
  6. The article and rankings is just based off of the past 6 seasons.
  7. Henderson doesn’t want smoke from anyone, anywhere, anytime.
  8. I’ve not kept up with him since TCU, but he was so much fun to watch in HS and was a dread to play against. Hope he does well for the Mavs!
  9. Signing day isn’t until February if I’m not mistaken. We are talking about verbal commitments i’m assuming?
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