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  1. Sounds like Henderson is a real dumpster fire right now
  2. Tonight, The Offense was a little out of sync to start. Cuff seemed a little behind on his throws. But by the 2nd quarter all was well. Defense is outrageously impressive. No points allowed by starting unit through 5 games. Bullard Defense played really tough in the first quarter it seemed then fell off quick after that.
  3. Man we gotta have something to do during the week. Smoakying is tough when you are rolling everyone. Lol
  4. I mean… ya never know. I don’t think Carthage defense has truly been tested through the air. Kilgore definitely tried to throw it on them, just to no effect. Cornerstone threw it a little bit, wasn’t very good. Pitt of course just runs. Marshall couldn’t move the ball in any way. I just think Bullard will be the best passing offense Carthage has faced is all. So I hope the defense has the same results.
  5. Yea it sounds like they can move the ball through the air pretty well. Looking forward to seeing how the defense holds up tonight.
  6. Carthage 7th B won 14-6 I think the score was Carthage 7th A won 44-8 I believe.
  7. Anybody gonna have our Freshman and JV scores tonight?
  8. Surely, right? Lol. Surely someone has. I’d be willing to bet there is even more security than normal tomorrow night.
  9. I don’t think it should be a problem at home. But ya never know I suppose.
  10. Just calling it like I see it. I'm not the nice guy of Smoaky. I get suspended sometimes for calling people asshats. You are newer on here. You will get used to it.
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