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  1. I think you are a crappy troll. And no one cares if it’s hard for YOU to respect anyone, you suck.
  2. Lol would be pretty cool if they came out and ran an entirely different offense every drive
  3. Surratt would not trade his players for the buckeyes
  4. It is revolutionary for a program that’s been running the wing t. I’m all for it. I think it’s exciting when you have the athletes PG has
  5. Well that’s wild, changing offense mid season! But makes this game more exciting in my opinion. I’m very interested and curious to see the new look PG offense
  6. Another quality opponent, but I think the Dogs offense has a better showing than they did against Gilmer. Carthage by 28
  7. So very late in the season they completely changed offense scheme? Lol
  8. Exactly. And I was a bit surprised at the non calls the refs were making. Lots of shoving and jawing. Had this been the refs from when we played Center, both teams would have had 100 plus yards in penalties. Lol
  9. If Gilmer had a QB like they had the last 2 years? You mean the one that Carthage picked off 3-4 times each time we played? Including 4 in the state championship game? I think it might have been worse honestly. Sure, RF was more of an athlete at QB type thing, but for years now Carthage has always shut Gilmer’s passing attack down outside of a few plays each game. RF on the ground proved the bulk of Gilmer’s offense last night. If either Tennison brother was in there last night it might have been less of a game. RF had the athleticism and mystery of not playing the position long enough for a true scouting report to make things interesting at QB. Gilmer had one play that kept them from laying a goose egg. Kept throwing it deep to 7, and finally the timing worked on One play out of what? 3? 4?. That wasn’t going to make the difference and win the game. You have to run and pass the ball effectively to win against Carthage. Gilmer should have ran Haynes more, but they kept sending your favorite “speedster” in there, hoping he’d break one and he never did because Carthage defense was too fast and too well coached. Should have let Haynes grind out tough yards more early and often. Also, it was weird that when down 21-7 they didn’t really seem to call the offense with any more urgency than if it were 0-0 in the 1st. I know passing was not working well for Gilmer at all, but felt like they’d have at least tried to make it wide open at that point
  10. Shout out to Calvary Tabernacle on Hawkins, only place I could find to park. Lol
  11. Sure. But any time they got it, momentum didn’t last Gilmer more than a play or two throughout the whole game before Carthage forced another turnover or stoned then on another 4th down. But hey, it was a much better game than myself and many others predicted. Glad we all got to watch a good one.
  12. He did. And aside from the one play where the ball got knocked out by our own player, he’s continued to take care of the ball all year
  13. Zero because aside from one drive they never sniffed the end zone.
  14. Cuff was definitely off throwing the ball tonight, but we finally got to see Surratt turn him loose in the run game and he did a great job in that regard.
  15. We have to talk about this… it was my favorite play of the entire game and got me fired up more than maybe anything I’ve seen this season. Cuff straight up hip tossed/body slammed the defender on that one run. It was brutal.
  16. I’m sure it was a INT. Honest and serious question, Do you think it would have made a difference?
  17. He made a few big plays! He’s been great. He will get to show out more next year with Paddie and Hatten graduating.
  18. 100%. And I truly don’t wanna take anything from Gilmer because they played very well. But when we were running north and south it was butter. Too much cutesy BS. But it happens sometimes and I guess it keeps people honest? Idk. Lol
  19. The defenses definitely stole the show tonight. I would be so very surprised if Carthage faces a tougher defense going forward. Hats off to Gilmer in this game and a great season
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