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  1. He coached at Ennis, Wylie East, and Irving. Wylie East is open.
  2. 9-5A represented well although some thought they had no chance!! THigh and PT with a win. PT closer than I thought. I don't see THigh losing this region. WH loses a barn burner to Montgomery. Had the lead 31-28. Montgomery gets an INT that leads to FG. WH marches down the field next possession & gets a turnover on downs on the 35 going in with 23 seconds left!! Montgomery runs the ball and hits it 65 yards for a TD with 10 seconds left! I think they were playing for OT. Unbelievable game in the Fog Bowl. Hate that WH takes the L but lots of young WH talent. I can see Hunts
  3. I've done a bit more research. Don't see AMC putting up much a fight, especially in the rain. PT by 28.
  4. 9-5A will go AT LEAST 2-2 this year in the playoffs THigh - WIN BY 20+ PT - WIN BY 20+ (AMC is as over-rated as the Marshall Mavericks) WH - 50/50 Chance vs Montgomery NAC - Lose but closer than you think vs Huntsville Good luck to ALL 9-5A BEAST TEXAS!! SIDE NOTE - GO LINDALE EAGLES! (Proving how good 9-5A is when you drop down to 4A)
  5. Who's my team? What would you consider an "actual win"? And what are you doing next Friday? Last question is rhetorical. HeHe
  6. Figured THigh was too much for them. Good for those coaches and players not to quit in the 2nd half knowing they still have playoffs. Pine Tree sat all their players against THigh when it got tough. Good luck to all teams in the playoffs! Hope THigh makes a great run.
  7. Called this game. Score was much closer than the game. Picked 2nd in district and don't make it to the playoffs. I think I heard a slow chant starting at the end saying... "OVERRRRATED - CLAP - CLAP - CLAPCLAPCLAP" Marshall's days are over.
  8. Fact check: Marshall's entire offensive line were seniors and returning starters. Along with a SENIOR QB, SENIOR RB, SENIOR TE, AND SENIOR WR core. These guys were playing in the 2 games I saw, so sounds like you're making excuses. Where is all the young talent in Marshall if these guys aren't getting it done? ANSWER: There is none. I will be at the game vs NAC. I will indeed eat my words if I am wrong. But if you are wrong, you'll be living in the past for awhile.
  9. I've seen how those players act and the coaching that goes along with it. They have the 2nd most talented team in the district yet they are fighting to get in the playoffs. They have been good in the past with athletes far superior to the rest of the district. The kind of culture they have was determined to breed failure. Not trolling - I'll just be here telling you I told ya so in a couple years. Pressure it on with the new facilities!! I'm not saying it will be a blow out - but watch the difference in how NAC approaches the game vs Marshall. There will be a different level of energy!!
  10. THigh wins this but wouldn't be surprised to see WH defense keep it to a low score.
  11. 100% Nac wins this. Saw Marshall play - not very good this year & won't be in the near future.
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