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  1. Don't they have 6,000 students?
  2. Tatum has a great team, but the best player in East Texas is from Atlanta. If they played again I'd take Tatum, but the best player is Collins.
  3. With that kind of talent how far did they go in the playoffs last year?
  4. This is better than Rudy. Congrats on a great story. When in the movie coming out?
  5. Someone told me Steve Wells in the running at Atlanta. That would be a great hire for football team.
  6. That awesome. I think Texas High has a long streak going.
  7. I'm not sure 1851 will be DI. Texas High has similar numbers and it's DII
  8. Not saying PG would have beaten Carthage, but the Hawks were incredible on offense and defense and their linemen were huge and incredible. I think PG prevailed in the playoffs against a tougher overall schedule.
  9. Can't argue with this choice of Carthage teams. Wish they could have played the 2017 Pleasant Grove team.
  10. Wasn't at Tatum, but scouts have told me nobody in 3A that comes close. I'm sure Tatum has a better team. Put Collins on Tatum and you've got a state championship.
  11. All I know about 3A ball in Texas is that Daimion Collins is the best player in 3A. He's one of the three best players I've seen in the Texarkana area, and we're talking about the last 50 years.
  12. I think Lake Creek deserves more credit for Texas High's slow start. The weather was also a factor that seemed to hurt Lake Creek more. The game was tied in the third quarter when Texas High got a big return. There was an obvious block in the back on the Tigers that wasn't called. At that point that penalty was huge. I do believe Texas high would have still won the game easily. I thought the Lake Creek pass rush and secondary coverage was the reason for the Tigers' passing problems. They still passed for 195 yards and 3 TDs, which is pretty darn good. I know nothing about Crosby, but any team
  13. Gilmer better not be looking ahead to Carthage. Good spot for an upset here.
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