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  1. Probably not but they have two D1 ends and one D1 safety. Corner that I believe has started to get offers
  2. I think thigh will be up for it. The dline has been a force against the run all year, hopefully that doesn’t change, the secondary has been the question... the qb and wrs Crosby have are good I can see them having some success through the air. If the pressure from the dline is anywhere near what’ it has been then I’m thinking they can get the qb out of rhythm. a lot comes down to tigers offense imo. LC deserves credit but I believe the offense is much better than they showed Friday night. the game could have easily been. 20-0 in the first half. Oline played very poorly mchenry was on the run a
  3. Definitely going to be a good game. I see thigh pulling away in the 2nd half as well. Offense looked out of rhythm all night. Passing game was definitely off. Defense played good again, gave up one big run in the first half then stalled the drive and one in the second after a nice punt return for LC. defense prob finished with 8 sacks
  4. Went for it on 4th twice inside the 30 and got stopped. I believe one was a def pass interference that would have led to some kind of points. First offensive position thigh got the ball inside the 20 and then threw a int in the end zone. I think the the qb had an off night and it showed. #2 Stewart the starting rb ..(over 1000 yards through 7 gms) played maybe one series tonight. I think when fully healthy that makes a difference. Lake creek deserves all the credit. They got after thigh oline and it showed.
  5. T-high, whitehouse and PT all go into half with the lead. Huntsville defense all over Nac is what is sounds like
  6. Bad snaps, int inside the 20 and 2 turnovers on downs. Gotta clean it up.
  7. smh That game against independence was played in the rain, running the ball was the best option. They had a D1 qb that could play he picked up a 4th and 8 after half to go up 21-17 and the tables turned next position was a 3 and out and then they returned the punt inside the 15.....cellars got thigh out of a lot of trouble running the ball but Lufkin and west mesquite are prob the only two games when he truly made some plays through the air. he had a D1 guy out wide that made some big time plays against Lufkin. this staff has proven itself. They will return 6 on offense and 6 on defense
  8. whitehouse comes out hot after getting beat like they did last week. who knows if they pull it off but I think it’ll be a game
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