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  1. Uil has given the rights to playoffs games to someone cant remember who but you now have to pay for monthly subscription to watch them
  2. DeKalb lost dfield and pewitt. Pewitt beat chisum and dfield steam rolled pewitt. I think we will be just fine.
  3. Most definitely we bounce back this week gonna get that dub in a big way
  4. Yea right now as it sits 1. Dfield 2. Hooks 3. Pewitt 4. Chisum
  5. Way I look at it we get number 1 seed so thats first
  6. One bad game and we over rated and there was plenty times Jeter could stand in pocket and throw the ball. They had an off night you could tell everything was just out of sync for them tonight.
  7. Thats alright we are still going to be first in district
  8. Three way tie for first right now points scored Daingerfield-225 Hooks-150 Pewitt-148
  9. We bout to run away with this one final bout to be 56-14
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