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  1. Is Plunk on campus at Atlanta yet?
  2. After watching Madison destroy Callisburg today, should Tatum meet Madison in the regional final, Tatum will have to play much better than they did tonight or it won't even be close. I would be surprised if Tatum shot 25% from the field tonight.
  3. Kinda quiet from the Atlanta faithful.
  4. Who you got? Have these 2 teams played since the regional final several years ago?
  5. Tatum over Daingerfield Jefferson over Sabine Arp over Gladewater White Oak over Troup
  6. Brock has success is pretty much all boys/girls sports. They must be doing something right in terms of wanting an overall successful athletic program. I doubt they are concerned with how everyone else does it. In fact, I would think other small schools would like to follow the Brock model.
  7. I'm surprised that Waskom beat Troup.
  8. Is Josh Thomas from Jefferson hurt?
  9. For those of you who closely follow Lobo football, what do Allen, Grant, and Tutt each bring to the table as quarterbacks? What do you think was the deciding factor in Coach King going with Allen this year?
  10. Jefferson has good guards who are strong enough and skilled enough to negate Tatum's pressure. If Tatum can't force teams to turn the ball over then the playing field becomes much more level. I could see Tatum and Jefferson splitting their two games with each winning at home. Arp is capable of beating Tatum or Jefferson and though they aren't nearly as talented as the other 3 teams, you can never count out Troup. They have won a lot of big games the past few years and their style of play keeps them in games against more talented teams. This will be a fun district to watch with a
  11. District play starts tonight (12/18). Who you got? Ore City at New Diana Hughes Springs at White Oak Daingerfield vs Gladewater Sabine - open
  12. Anybody else think Canadian could have gotten an illegal motion penalty on the winning TD pass? Looked to me like the receiver coming across the formation turned up quite a bit early before the ball was snapped. Obviously, the refs didn't think so. Congrats to Canadian! great game
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