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  1. I changed the thread title to include 2023 instead of making a new thread for next season. Hope that is solid with the regulars on this thread.
  2. I wish the article listed the classification of each player. Would be interesting to know who all is returning. I would guess most of Sabine's kids were underclassmen.
  3. Finally, the 6-3A Div 1 All-District team is published by the LNJ. I get the whole "it's for the kids" argument but this may be as watered down as I've seen. Seven 1st team RBs. Nine 2nd team LBs.... Bowman, Watson share MVP honors in 6-3A DI By Jack Stallard [email protected] Jan 13, 2023 Updated 18 hrs ago Comments 1 of 2 Chris Bowman makes a pass for Jefferson, on Friday October 7, 2022, during their game with White Oak in Roughneck Stadium. (Michael Cavazos/News-Journal Photo) Tatum's Cole Watson fights for yardage during Friday's October 28, 2022 game against Jefferson in Tatum. (Les Hassell/News-Journal Photo) Les Hassell/News-Journal Photo Jefferson’s Chris Bowman and Tatum’s Cole Watson shared Most Valuable Player honors with the release of the District 6-3A Division I All-District Football Team for the 2022 season. Bowman completed 40 of 91 passes for 837 yards and eight touchdowns, rushed for 332 yards and a TD, caught 13 passes for 198 yards and three touchdowns and had 62 tackles and an interception on the defensive side for Jefferson. Watson was also a two-way standout, carrying 165 times for 1,364 yards and 25 touchdowns, completing 35 of 83 passes for 577 yards and four scores and finishing with 66 tackles, five tackles for loss, 2.5 sacks, a forced fumble and a fumble recovery on defense. ADVERTISING Other district superlatives went to Tatum’s C.J. Fite (Defensive Player of the Year), Jefferson’s Keshawn Whitaker and Atlanta’s Russell Limbrick (Defensive Linemen of the Year), Tatum’s Cayden Tatum (Defensive Newcomer), Atlanta’s Stacy Darty, Gladewater’s Kollin Lewis and Jefferson’s Luke McMullen (Offensive Player of the Year), Tatum’s Laynce Welch (Offensive Lineman of the Year), Sabine’s Colt Sparks (Offensive Newcomer of the Year), Atlanta’s Markeylin Batton and White Oak’s Noah Carter (Utility Player of the Year), Jefferson’s Domonik Rivers (Special Teams Player of the Year) and Jefferson’s Antwain Jimmerson (Coach of the Year). Voting was conducted by the district’s coaches. FIRST TEAM Offense Quarterback: Erik Burns, Jefferson; Peyton Harrison, Atlanta; Running back: Kamran Williams, Jefferson; Knox Tomlinson, Jefferson; Carson Gonzales, Tatum; Braden Mimbs, Tatum; Luke Sigler, Tatum; Kameron Dickerson, Atlanta; Devonte Powers, Gladewater; Receiver/tight end: Tyron Maddox, Gladewater; Cayden Fortson, Sabine; Line: Bryce Clark, Jefferson; Alec Perry, Tatum; Landry Ross, Tatum; Taylor Pickett, Gladewater; Caden Tyner, White Oak Defense Line: Knox Tomlinson, Jefferson; Jacoriean Rollins, Tatum; Jobey Shico, Gladewater; Israel Cerda, Gladewater; Joe Royce, Sabine; Linebacker: Kenneth Ross, Jefferson; Marquavion Owens, Atlanta; Holden Hodges, White Oak; Grayson Thompson, White Oak; Back: Cortavion Massingill, Jefferson; Judsen Carter, Jefferson; Erik Burns, Jefferson; Carson Gonzales, Tatum; Ike Chandler, Atlanta; Dimoree Limbrick, Atlanta; Clayne Simmons, Sabine Special teams Steve Washington, Jefferson; Giani Garza, Tatum’ Ozzie Chavarria, Gladewater; Jovanny Jaimes, Sabine; Aven Whittington, White Oak SECOND TEAM Offense Quarterback: Kyron Wilson, Gladewater; Running back: De’arious Williams, White Oak; Receiver/tight end: Chris Love, Jefferson; Jordan Chambers, Tatm; Brendon Clayton, Atlanta; Jayden Riley, Atlanta; Keondre Powers, Gladewater; Caleb McKinney, Sabine; Line: Jakobie Goynes, Jefferson; Xavier Cook, Tatum; Dawson Brooks, Sabine Defense Line: Travis Harris, Jefferson; Devonta Waites, Jefferson; Truitt Anthony, Tatum; Walker Davis, Tatum; Kade Holder, Tatum; Keondre Powers, Gladewater; Dawson Brooks, Sabine; Linebacker: Steve Washington, Jefferson; Datravion Smith, Jefferson; Chance Fields, Tatum; Jacolby Norris, Tatum; Jamarion Owens, Atlanta; Carmello Henderson, Atlanta; Tristan Collins, Gladewater; Cade Silvertooth, Sabine; Luke Baker, White Oak; Back: Hasheem Ector, Jefferson; Jalarrion Andrews, Atlanta; J.T. Maddox, Gladewater Follow Jack Stallard on Twitter: @lnjsports
  4. Did they do a survey to see what the community wants in the HFC?
  5. If Sharp gets the job, it's only fair that White Oak and Sabine swap non-district schedules next season.
  6. I did hear that the supt retired also. Does than mean @Buckeyehorns and @Racer55 are running things at WO since they don't currently have a head football coach or supt?
  7. Without a doubt, Coach Jenkins deserves all the praise and credit that he is receiving and will receive. I would also hope though that he would be the first to credit Coach Russell for the part that he has played as well in the development of the athletes at Harmony and their football program. Congratulations to Harmony on their success so far and keep living the dream!
  8. I see that 2 of the district's best players, Kollin Lewis of Gladewater and CJ Fite of Tatum both decommitted this week. Lewis from Texas State and Fite from Arizona State. Any scoop on why?
  9. Maybe they should run the Houston veer??????????????
  10. I do this on my computer most Fridays. Usually 3 tabs open with 3 different games. Never had a problem with it
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