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  1. It looked to me like the QB didn't play with the same confidence that he has shown earlier in the year. Consequently, I think the coaches sensed that and decided to ride the running game. I think there will come a point in time in the playoffs when the Lobos won't be able to be 1 dimensional and the QB play will make or break them. Just my observation and opinion.
  2. 51 - 0 Episcopal at halftime. 44-0 at the end of the 1st
  3. I only watched the 1st half but it seemed like there was a flag every other play. Was the entire game called that?
  4. Sportsgram stream not working. Anyone know if this is on radio?
  5. Last tune up for the War Eagles. Who ya got?
  6. Last tune up for the Bears before district play begins. Who ya got?
  7. Last tune up game for the Cardinals. Who ya got?
  8. Final tune up for the Rabbs before district play. Who ya got?
  9. Last tune up before district play begins. I believe this game is being played in Jacksonville. Who ya got?
  10. Last tune up before district play begins. Who ya got?
  11. @Tiger03lb will the Malakoff Tigers Sports Network be streaming tonight's game?
  12. Both are 3-0 but I think the worst team LE has played up to this point would beat the best team Atlanta has played by 2-3 touchdowns. No disrespect to Atlanta but I'm not sure they would be 3-0 vs LE's schedule and I feel very confident LE would be 3-0 vs Atlanta's schedule. Good luck to both teams. I know it's a great rivalry so you can probably throw all this "on paper" stuff out the window.
  13. According to MaxPreps, Brook Hill is 1-2 on the season with a victory over Life Oak Cliff and 2 district losses to Grapevine Christian and Grace Community. DCTF says they return 1 on offense and 3 on defense. Maybe that is why they are on the schedule?
  14. Have to go with LE. I think Atlanta is getting better but I believe LE shows that Atlanta's offensive line has a ways to go and LE will have the speed to limit Atlanta's big plays. I'm impressed with Atlanta's defense but I think LE will stuff Atlanta's run game and Harrison will be running for his life when he tries to pass.
  15. I agree if the starting rb/mlb plays. If he's out, I think that will make it much harder
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