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  1. Was Jimmerson encouraged resign or did he leave on his own?
  2. Thanks Looks like it is going to be audio only due to UIL rules
  3. This game is not being streamed on NFHS from what I can tell. Have any of Winnsboro's playoff games had a live stream?
  4. This game is not showing up on the NFHS schedule. Is either school streaming the game?
  5. Solid win by Gladewater as well. Played physical. Pounding the ball downhill wore Atlanta down. Gave up a defensive TD and a long pass play due to missed tackles but really got after the Atlanta QB. Gladewater's quickness on defense gave the Atlanta OL fits all night.
  6. Keeling and staff have done a great job this year...adding the gun and steadily getting better on defense stand out the most to me. Congratulations to the Eagles on the DC
  7. IMO, that's a great perspective to have and from my time on this board you have always been a great WO supporter from what I can tell. Whether you want to call it an excuse or not, injuries do play a factor in the outcome of games. The "next man up" mindset is great to have but there is usually a reason if you are the next man up and not the starter. But I did notice you didn't mention any specific areas of improvement in your reply so I will assume there may not have been any substantial improvement throughout the season or you are just trying to not be critical.
  8. I don't think it is necessarily fair to hold a 1st yr coach accountable for the Win/Loss record. I do think that after a minimum of 2 yrs the results a program is getting falls squarely on the HC and staff. However, with that being said, in pretty much every interview I heard with Coach Ludlow prior to the season and for the couple of weeks he was doing the "sideline to sideline" podcast during the season, he was adamant about mentioning how young WO is this year. If that is the case then a team should definitely being trending steadily upward throughout the season as the young team gains experience. I do think it is fair to hold a new HC accountable for how much a team or program improves throughout the season. I have seen at least parts (blowouts are just not very entertaining) of several White Oak games but I don't feel I am qualified to comment on how much growth the team has had throughout the season. @Racer55 @Rouchneck78 @Eagle8 It seems like you guys have seen a lot of WO football this season. In what specific areas have you seen them improve the most? I think this is the only really fair gauge of a new HC and staff. Obviously, the team is not very good overall and this could mainly be due to a lack of talent but if they have been steadily improving then the fan base needs to probably back off of Ludlow a bit if what Rouchneck78 is saying is true. Just an outside POV
  9. 40-35 Spring Hill Final Congrats to the Panthers on making the playoffs
  10. Should have just let Sabine do their regular home game stream. Antler Sports Network is on the struggle bus.......
  11. Understood and I know veterans who feel the same way. There is always room in a free country for dissenting opinions. But it's because of the unconditional service of our veterans and freedoms that our country bestows that I believe we should look for ways to express our gratitude, not out of obligation, but rather respect. I think teaching our youth ways to do this (among them, but not exclusive to, standing, hand on heart, caps/hats/helmets removed) is important. It's also important to teach we aren't doing this because we have to, we are doing it because it is a way to show respect and gratitude. There are other ways as well and the "I'm not doing this because I don't have to" crowd will always have a seat at the table as well. Like I said in the original post, I just haven't ever seen a high school team in East Texas wear helmets during the anthem and, frankly, I am surprised the administration at White Oak ISD and the community of White Oak embraces this practice. But that's just me....and MAYBE the 78% of those who voted in the poll at the time of this post. I'll butt out now. I don't have a horse in this race and I have to get to work. Not trying to ruffle any feathers. Just found it to be odd and became curious.
  12. LNJ said WO running back had 165 yds
  13. Well, you are getting pretty demanding now...lol I'll take the SH version
  14. Congratulations to Atlanta. Heartbreaking loss for Sabine. The 4th quarter was great to watch. So many momentum swings. Sabine using their tempo offense to wear down Atlanta and Atlanta using their speed to give Sabine fits. Such a great contrast in strengths and weaknesses. Great high school football game to watch from a competitive standpoint.
  15. Should be a very competitive game. I think Sabine gets it done this year.
  16. I will take Winny but McBride is just incredible to watch. Much more elusive than he looks, good speed, makes yards after contact but he's also so smart. He knows when to get out of bounds or when to just go down in order to not take extra hits. Takes his time getting back to alignment for next play to conserve energy. He's really a unique talent to me and a great competitor. Potts does have some other weapons as well but I think Winnsboro's defense is a little better than Potts. Should be a great game!
  17. While watching the 6-3ADI games last night, I noticed White Oak wore its helmets during the prayer and the National Anthem @Racer55 Is this a White Oak thing or a Ludlow thing? You guys got some type of Kaepernick protest going on over there? Personally, I don't think I have ever seen a team not remove their helmets for the anthem. Just curious to what others think
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