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  1. No, was at a school close tho
  2. Heard there will be a name taken to the board for approval on Thursday. Hearing a Carthage asst.
  3. Heard the interview list is pretty good. A couple coaches from Carthage and a couple others around in East TX.
  4. Per Twitter, BREAKING Linden-Kildare HC Kyle Freeman has announced his retirement Linden-Kildare is open #txhsfb @dctf Thoughts?
  5. I talked to him right after it was announced and he was kinda down about it. I felt like it was his and he would’ve been a good fit.
  6. They should’ve hired Gaston and this wouldn’t have happened
  7. @DwightSchrute sounds like you have some inside info at LK, tell us more.
  8. Very surprising Shawn Wells or Greg Gaston wasnt named the guy.
  9. Guy from Ozona, waiting to hear his name. Nothing official though from my sources.
  10. No he’s an outsider. Don’t know who. We’re all waiting on Matt Stepp to tweet it.
  11. Hearing there’s a special board meeting tonight to name their guy.
  12. Maybe, but they’ll be waiting til the Messiah returns for that.
  13. No sir. And from my understanding neither hometown guy that applied got a 2nd interview.
  14. I know of a finalist going today.
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