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  1. Gladewater will turn it around. When is the last time they lost a dist game?
  2. I watched Longview lufkin. I was shocked at how far lufkin has fallen off. They don’t have the athletes to compete at that level. Tooo good at Soccer
  3. Tatum will probably lose but I’ve been impressed with how they have been competitive. Tatum still wins the dist. And maybe EF tooo
  4. And you Waskom people don’t think keeling was good. Lol. Waskom won by 70 points. Ef blows out Queen City for the first win. Might win the dist now
  5. Pitt spring hill atlanta waskom whiteoak jefferson. Wins the dist.
  6. I’ll go with my same process on EF. If keeling was still at waskom no one would accept losing to sabine. Saying that I haven’t got to Watch the new wildcats. But I’ll be there Friday. Sabine close to my work. I’ll give ya my take later. Good luck wildcats I’m rooting for ya every week but 1
  7. If Shelbyville beats EF. How far has the program gone. I bet if scott ford was here. We wouldn’t be talking about Shelbyville beating EF. And I’m not bashing the new staff. But ford won and was expected to do so. Young or not
  8. Pitt will have to much speed for the Eagles. 35-21.
  9. Krooked you must be delusional. Didn’t Waskom whip Daingerfield last year ? It’s the same Coach different town. I’m not sure What Waskom record has been since winning it in 14 and 15. But that was 7 yrs ago. How many State Championships has Daingerfield won since 14? Waskom played a really really good Franklin team in the semi finals back to back. I’m not defending keeling I don’t know him on a personal level. Maybe he is the reason they lost. But I’m pretty sure that’s not correct. I know he owned the jackets for the last 10 years. If Tatum has talent the system he runs is made to control clock and keep your offense off the field.
  10. I was at the scrm. I don’t stir up anything. That’s just my opinion
  11. Man I was sure optimistic when the new coaches came around. I just didn’t realize how bad the talent drop off was gonna be. I knew it would be a little bit of rebuilding. But EF might be in trouble. What’s the worst record they have had in 20 years ? I’m thinking that it could be this year
  12. Leave it up to Keeling to come up with with some kind of sweet uniforms. That’s one thing that I always thought waskom was always the best looking. Either the helmets or the uniforms. Always looked cool.
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