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  1. I think EF dominated waskom for about 20 years. Looks like Waskom will flip it. Ef just lucky keeling left. Or they might never win again
  2. EF has and will always be OK. The issue with EF is the old people in town don’t want any kids that doesn’t live in town to play. And some that do live in town to play. I moved here 15 yrs ago and the pride was unreal. Stands always full and winning a lot. Only game now that somewhat fills up is the Waskom game. But with Waskom winning the rivalry for the last however many years that game isn’t as exciting anymore. We almost dropped to 2a because of our enrollment. Big wigs wake up and accept some transfers You can reject some if you think they are not good ones. You do know that !!!
  3. I don’t care that’s pretty impressive to win it as a 2ad2 school. Congrats.
  4. Miles?? Never heard of that. Where are they located?
  5. I know it takes time for sure. If Tatum has Athletes then Tatum will be fine. Like I’ve said on here before the Job keeling and his Staff did at Waskom was a miracle. Probably one of the worst jobs in Texas when they took over in 2010. Three years later played in the semis. Then won back to back state championships. And have been real a few more times. They put that Town on the map. I wish the Stingers would have hired a soccer coach. Lol
  6. Didn’t Daingerfield play a Fresh Qb against waskom in the playoffs? He looked like a pretty good one
  7. No way Waskom is that high! I just don’t see it. They graduated a ton and lost the Head Guy.
  8. I wonder how fast Keeling and company can get the pass happy eagles to buy into running the system they run? Be an interesting matchup. Center has a ton of Athletes
  9. I sure wouldn’t want to be filling a staff now
  10. Scott ford was a great coach. Got the most out of the kids. His only down fall was he couldn’t beat Waskom. Which not many have since Keeling and his Staff got there. I haven’t heard any negative things about the new Coaches. But we will see when it gets closer. At least they are playing. Ford hated 7 on 7
  11. I think Daingerfield is the most athletic team in the region for sure waskom ef Hughes lost a lot of kids. harmony will always be competitive. Queen City not so much
  12. Well that just stinks. We suck again
  13. I just heard illingsworth moved to Marshall? Dang it
  14. Had over 70 kids show up for summer conditioning yesterday. Big things on the horizon. Dist Champs
  15. Do you think the kids at Tatum will accept the mentality? Run first ? Will the fans accept it? That’s probably the bigger question
  16. Waskom will struggle in my opinion. Although there sub varsities were pretty good. Be really young. 1-3 freshman may start for them. Waskom was a crap place until keeling got there. Can waskom replace him. He did miracles at that place. The real interesting story is can he duplicate it in Tatum
  17. West Rusk is never scared to play anyone. And they usually win
  18. You remember when SA canceled on Waskom because they were scared to play.
  19. I saw there track kids!!!!! Good looking dudes
  20. 09. That’s a long time. Like I said earlier Gladewater is the Team to beat.
  21. I’m not sure who holds the advantage of this district. Pretty competitive from bottom to top.
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