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  1. I'm Hearing from a Really Good source that Tatum is fixing to make one of the biggest hires in all of East Texas and maybe the State. One of the most Successful guys in East Texas not name Surratt. Be on the the Look out for this to Happen as soon as next week according to my sources. Get Ready Tatum the Culture is about to Change and fast.
  2. Gonna be the Pitt guy Abron!!! is my bet
  3. I would think they would at least reach out to the following. Oc/Dc at carthage? Keeling cant beat him join him Oc Longview Head guy at Troup I like him and his program Same with Sabine Same with Tatum
  4. Is it True that the AD job is open again
  5. In my opinion I really think Daingerfield will give Waskom a tough game. Just because they can Throw it so well
  6. there wasn't a flip!!!!! It was decide Prior to the Games is what im telling you. Your Coach might be saying that
  7. I just Heard the Reason the Game is being played at SFA is because West Rusk Daingerfield and Newton Agreed to it and Waskom did as well. Im sure Daingerfield wasnt expecting Waskom to Win. Thats why they agreed to that. Now Daingerfield Coach is trying to blame it on Waskom.
  8. I did forget Newton Im sorry. I have them beating Waskom in the 3rd rd
  9. Look at all the other regions and you have maybe 1 or 2 teams but This region is loaded. Daingerfield EF Waskom WR Whoever wins this Region has Franklin who I pick to beat Gunter in The Ship. Be fun for the next few weeks.
  10. Well sounds like you are jealous of the Soccer Guys????? who says recruiting is wrong? I doubt he is out recruiting? I bet his program does it or him
  11. EF lost there senior QB. Gonna be tough to replace him
  12. I think a lot of people are downing Waskom for losing to Timpson. I have seen timpson twice there is a reason they are ranked that high. Size speed abd depth for a 2a school but also people act like there is a lot of difference in size Timpson has 220 kids in school and waskom has 270 your talking 50 kids its not Like waskom lost to Overton. But I do understand the Smack talking
  13. Lol Good job Mata that a way to fire your team up.
  14. Jimmy and Joes not x's and o's. Must have good players to run any offense. I think the Plan is more is more important than the scheme. If coaches do what they do cause that's what they know then you are going to be in trouble . You must adapt with the talent you have. Sometimes you don't have a good Qb. You still gonna run the spread? Players make coaches look good or bad. My opinion
  15. I have seen over the Last 2 years Covid being the reason games are not being Played. Is that the real reason or is it an excuse so the teams that don't wanna play or get beat use the term covid to get out of the game. What are we teaching our kids? I have see all the mess with SA and Waskom and that's bull #### You scheduled the game play it. james bowie dropping Timpson thats chicken to me. I hope after this realignment we can stop using this as an excuse to drop games. Because the kids are the ones suffering not getting to play. Who cares what your record is?
  16. Problem with Daingerfield is The Oline. Cant Block anyone
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