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  1. My lord EF and Waskom are picked to lose to ND and QC I'M beginning to think Biden is the President
  2. That's Awesome for Overton. They have more out than Waskom and E.F
  3. Waskom's Problem is the same problem all the small schools are having. Talent and participation is slowly dying off. Waskom only had 20-21 players suited up Friday. That I counted on TV. That's a small roster and the players looked nothing like the ole Waskom. I guess they are really young and will grow up. Our Dist is bad Looks like to me you have Daingerfield if QB is Healthy Harmony I guess Waskom by Default New Diana EF Queen City Hughes Springs Those are some bad Football Teams
  4. I knew it was going to be bad but I'm pretty sure EF has exceeded my expectations. They are terrible and its not going to get any better. I don;t know the Head Coach personally but it's time to move on and try something new. I know most people didn't like Ford but we were good every year. Fun to watch. This is Ridiculous
  5. EF needs to! IF Waskom did get them. They surely arent now. You cant lose to Redwater. Dekalb is going to be a Tall test for us
  6. Tatum Lost some good lineman. I think that will be the area of concern
  7. Tatum Lost a bunch of Good Players for sure. The QB is a stud not sure what they have with him. Tatum will get better each year. I watched it in Waskom every year they got better and better and numbers went up. I dont Know personally there staff but they did a great job in waskom. They flipped the EF advantage to Waskom for the last 10-12 years. I really dont see it it changing any time soon. Give those guys a chance and you will see. They almost won dist there first year. Id say thats pretty good Id take it in a heart beat. I doubt Keeling would wear Orange. But if our Job comes open I hope they call him lol
  8. My Son is in the 5th grade. I graduated from EF and Love it. I'm just giving you my take on things. Its an opinion not a fact. Its not just EF its the little schools around here. Waskom wont ever be the Waskom of the last 10 years. I saw there Varsity Picture sure doesn't look the same Team Keeling Had. My father in law is from L.K and he Graduated from the in late 80's they were dominant now I saw where they have 15 kids playing. Kids are moving to carthage/longview/dallas/houston. The days of the small town football I feel is going down hill and its sad to me I think my son will be a decent athlete unless something changes Im sure i will move him to carthage as well
  9. I went and watched Practice Yesterday. They are staring at 0-10 dead in the face. Poor guys It's sad
  10. Atlanta is always fast but can they be physical. Football is played in the trenches still who can win the oline/Dline Gladewater Tatum Jefferson Atlanta Sabine White oak
  11. Daingerfield has the most talent Harmony should be pretty good all the other teams are not very good in my opinion Waskom I cant believe we are talking about so much drama over there- I knew keeling leaving would hurt them but i didn't think it would happen so fast. They will be looking for a new coach after this season. EF no talent at all and now we are losing kids queen city Hughes springs new diana are all bad and will continue to be bad
  12. EF lost Starting QB to Beckville Good golly
  13. I'm not sure about Waskom but EF is never going to be any good again. Enrollment is dropping and no Athletes and the Coaching is sub par in my opinion. Waskom is seeing the decline after Keeling and it will continue in my opinion. He would have never lost kids to another school. He gained them lol
  14. Poor Terry Ward I really liked him when he was at EF
  15. This is the dumbest thing I have ever heard of in a small school
  16. I know this is a big school thread right now but looks at the small schools Will EF Waskom Pewitt DEkalb move down into 2a d1 Is LE moving to 3a D1 Is Atlanta Moving up to 4a D2 How close is carthage to moving up?
  17. Ive seen Tatum at few Track meets. What happened to all the speed in Tatum? Beckville is faster than them. I know EF isnt faster than them but Unless the kids arent running track its going to be a long year for the Eagles
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