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  1. I didnt see Coach of the Year Did Tatum's Coaches get it? They deserved it. They Beat Jefferson without the Bull Crap Calls
  2. If you didn’t graduate the oline? You should be fine
  3. Hughes Springs has been consistent. I bet Queen City New Diana Ore City White Oak Spring Hill Sabine Harelton Big Sandy Crockett Lufkin would take 108 wins in the last 16 years.
  4. Oc at Longview gonna get Tyler legacy
  5. Does Whiteoak have kids walking the halls. Not playing football?
  6. If keeling and his staff stayed and kids stayed. Waskom would be playing in the regional finals again. I was really impressed with the growth waskom had over the year. But keeling would have never let Waskom be so undisciplined. Waskom has to replace a lot. Will be interesting to see how new staff develops kids that were not coached by keeling
  7. What was the penalty count. I’m pretty sure. It was like Waskom 12-13 to WR 2-3. I hate officials were that much involved. Waskom was the better team.
  8. I’m not sure what game you were watching. I was on WR side. Maybe not all of Wr kids left the sideline. But a bunch did. Waskom I guess had more that did. But the rule is if you leave the bench area and come onto the field you shall be ejected. Refs didn’t catch them all I guess. Waskom coaches rallied there Team better after that. But in the end West Rusk still got lucky. Waskom should have won. Run the play that got you there. #20 would have won you the game.
  9. I’ll give you my 2 cents. Waskom played really hard after the fight. I’m not 100%. But I’m pretty sure I saw a West Rusk coach hit a waskom kid!!! I hope they have it on video. If so he should be fired on the spot. I’m not real sure how they didn’t suspend the game and call it a double forfeit. Both teams cleared there benches. Waskom was more talented. I’m also sure coaching caused waskom to have a chance to win. But also cost them the game. Why not run the dive. 20 got 4 yards every play. The freshman free safety is a stud!!!!! Losing # 8 cost waskom for sure. And last thing refs were pretty one sided for West Rusk
  10. It’s according to who is running it!!!!!!
  11. I watched Newton Waskom last year. I knew Newton was gonna be good. Waskom was elite and newton was very young and for awhile Newton played them tough.
  12. I was just basically wondering how many kids do Carthage have that have moved into the school dist that are not from there. You can say parents graduated from carth. What does that matter Paddie still lives in marshall and drives to school everyday. I’m friends with his parents. I’m not talking bad about the kids. I was just giving a reference.
  13. I’ll give my 2 cents. And it might not what people wanna hear. Carthage is Carthage because of move ins every year. I know Carthage has home grown talent but you look at this years team. Ef stud receiver manning. Paddie stud marshall. Atlanta stud tb. Those are 3 dynamic kids. Does Carthage have 3 home grown kids to replace them? Maybe maybe not. I know I’ll get hammered for this. I’m sure every school gets moveins. But if some one from the inside would put there roster out there and go over how many kids on there is from Carthage or did they move there. I’d like to know. For years they have had Beckville kids tatum kids Spring Hill kids. You name it. Maybe they win it maybe they don’t. We will see
  14. Ring Do you Coach at Waskom? or are just a fan ? You were all over Waskom when they were good with Keeling and now you back when he is gone? Is this the Head Coach in hiding? lol
  15. This District will be really competitive Next year i feel like. Atlanta was real young and new staff I could see them winning District Tatum skill guys were young but the line was veteran so Can Tatum replace those guys? Jefferson skill kids all graduate but the line is all back. Jefferson always has speed Sabine was young as well WO is WO
  16. I was shocked a little bit. But in saying that I thought the playing conditions really hurt Jefferson and Tatum.
  17. I don't see the Physical side of Waskom. I see there speed being the advantage. I didnt watch the hemphill game maybe they played better. I saw Tatum West Rusk. Tatum dominated them in the trenches.
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