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  1. Aledo is the obvious favorite here. I don’t know much about them other than their legacy. How do they matchup?
  2. I think Aledo will be 21Pt favorites. I’m still hoping Crosby can play the roll of David and slay the giant!!
  3. BOOM! But it’s not over yet. Liberty Hill is legit!!
  4. They said it was their 3rd running back. Can’t recall the name. Saying a prayer for that kiddo.
  5. Im excited to see if Crosby can slow down Liberty Hills offense!
  6. They are pretty disciplined this year and have been for quite a while.
  7. Crosby is favored by 6 points on texasfootball.com
  8. Liberty Hill runs it to perfection. I was very impressed watching the game yesterday. As much as I despise that offense I must give them credit. They would not be where they are without being a very good team.
  9. Yes, I'm aware of their sorted past. Not at all the point of my mention.
  10. Liberty Hill may think they have the "Slot T" advantage. Unfortunately for Liberty Hill, Crosby and all 5a in the southeast Texas area are very familiar with this offense. Vidor has run this offense very well for more than a decade. I think this familiarity along with a superior offense give Crosby a 14+ advantage.
  11. This was an epic game!! Crosby beating #5,4,3 teams in 5aD2 the last three weeks is a very impressive feat. Looking forward to watching the game next week!
  12. 1:00 pm - Crosby Cougars (10-3, 6-1) vs. Fort Bend Marshall Buffalos (12-0, 8-0), Turner Stadium, Humble (Winner to face Liberty Hill/Sharyland Pioneer winner)
  13. I don't even know who to pick... Who do you guys think wins it? Definitely two high flying offenses!!! Bi District Crosby 66 - Willowridge 0 FBM 21 PNG 14 Area Crosby 62 - #5 Texas High 42 FBM 48 Montgomery 28 Regional Semi-- Crosby 32 - #4 Huntsville 29 FBM 49 Nederland 0
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