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  1. That's one way to look at it. Another is that it would have been very interesting to see what Carthage, with momentum from having scored the game's last 10 points, would have done with 2:30 left in the game and the ball on their 32 had there not been a call for leaping. Under Coach Surratt, the Bulldogs have moved the ball farther than that in a lot less time frequently. Seriously, weren't you rather concerned until you saw that yellow flag on the ground?
  2. The support at the state championship games has always been super. I have friends who make only one Bulldog game a year…yes, the one in Jerry’s World. I suspect many of you do, too. Unfortunately, taking things for granted is human nature. As I wrote in an e-mail to some of my friends earlier today, “Spoiled? Definitely!”
  3. The winning streak snapped last night was at 41. It began three years ago when Liberty Hill snapped the Bulldogs then 40-game winning streak. 81 wins in the past 83 games…congratulations to the Carthage football program on an unbelievable stretch! And congratulations to China Spring on last night’s well-deserved win. Go win 3 more next month!
  4. Oh, yes. They’re playing Waskom this week. Carthage played Waskom last year…the Carthage JV, that is.
  5. Some of us aren’t that familiar with Newton. What class school are they?
  6. Given that Cuero defeated Wimberley 21-3 earlier this season, a prediction that they’ll beat them again this week and still be playing two weeks from now makes sense. However, it’s interesting that Navarro might be their opponent next week, and Navarro beat them 29-27 earlier this season. Plus, Wimberley beat Navarro 27-0 in a district game played a month ago.
  7. In 1965, Carthage didn't score a single point until their 5th game of the season...and ended up playing for the district title against Nacogdoches in their 10th and final game.
  8. As cowboyandchrist responded, that was in the state semifinals in 2016, the year in which Carthage lost its first two district games before winning 10 in a row and the state championship. The Bulldogs subsequently won another 30 in a row to stretch their winning streak to 40 before losing to Liberty Hill in the 2018 state semifinals, their only loss in the past 82 games. I agree with many of the posters that Carthage will probably be in trouble Friday if they have more than a turnover or two. However, in the 2016 game against China Spring, which Carthage won in 3 overtime periods 26-20, the Bulldogs fumbled 4 times. One of those came in the first overtime period. Not a good recipe for a playoff win, but that shows it's possible.
  9. Did they play against Carthage in last year’s game, in which the Bulldogs scored 52 points?
  10. According to my very unofficial records, Carthage is 11-1 in 3rd-round playoff games under Coach Surratt. The only loss was in 2011 to Argyle 35-34 in two overtime periods. That was Bogie’s and Tevin Pipkins’ sophomore year. My favorite wins from this round were in 2015 and 2016. Defending state champion Navasota fell 55-48 in 2015. They were 38-3 during the 3 seasons from 2013-2015. Two of their 3 losses were to CHS. In 2016, CHS avenged a loss to Henderson during district play with an exciting 33-31 win In Longview. This game featured current USC RB Keaontay Ingram going against current Baylor standout Trestan Ebner and current starting TCU safety La’Kendrick Van Sandt. Lions70 still hasn’t gotten over this one.
  11. Didn’t the starters have zero turnovers Thursday night? I know the 2s had one.
  12. I just won a bet with your father-in-law . He said CHS would answer the H-F TD with one of their own before halftime. I wonder if he forgot there were no timeouts remaining?
  13. I can’t envision Jasper scoring more than a TD against WO-S. That is how much they scored against Rusk, whose defense isn’t nearly the caliber of WO-S’s.
  14. Terry, by picking Jasper over WO-S, you just revealed to the entire world that you have definitely not seen this year’s Jasper offense. Enjoy your show (except for the occasional potty mouth)…lol
  15. Carthage’s season opener against Crosby over two months ago was played in this stadium. The Bulldogs also played two playoff games there last year (Salado and Wimberley).
  16. From the Southeast Texas Sports Forum: H-F has an athletic QB who has started the past two seasons, and they have a “very physical defense”.
  17. Let’s pull for a regional final between Rusk and Carthage.
  18. As I seem to have upset some of my Rusk friends -which wasn’t my intention” - I hereby change my prediction from an “easy” win for Bellville to a “convincing, but hard-fought” win for Bellville over Rusk, which had a very nice win over Salado last night. Better?
  19. To clarify, I’ll be delighted, not disappointed, if Rusk upsets Bellville.
  20. Good luck against Bellville. Represent the district well.
  21. Rusk beat Madisonville by only 3 points. Rusk also beat Center by only 3 points.
  22. Those 7 takeaways against our Bulldogs apparently greatly impressed you. (This is one of the first times that my opinion has diverged from President Trump.)
  23. It’s hard to imagine Jasper even scoring against WO-S, assuming Cornell Thompson’s defense this year is one of his typical ones. And if Bellville is half as good as everyone seems to be saying, they’ll easily beat Rusk. WO-S vs. Bellville on Thanksgiving weekend appears to be a pick ‘em.
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