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  1. You hit the nail on the head. Assuming the injury bug is over, these are the things that are most concerning. If one or both happen against the wrong team (e.g., Pleasant Grove), there could be an unhappy ending.
  2. Actually, it was his 2nd carry of the game. He fumbled a pitch on the first one. But it’s still a tremendous comeback from his injury!
  3. Other than those already mentioned from Carthage, an outstanding RB between the Reynolds and Surratt years was Jamon Edwards. His sophomore son K.J. has already received several DI offers. Is said to have 5-star potential.
  4. Yes, Johnny Balous was yet another great RB who played under Sleepy Reynolds. He played junior college football (Navarro, I think) and then at Oklahoma, where he was a linebacker. Kris Briggs also belongs on this list. After playing for Sleepy Reynolds at CHS, he went to SMU, where he gained more than 2,000 yards over his 4-year collegiate career.
  5. There were many outstanding RBs under Sleepy Reynolds. George Johns in the late 70s was certainly among the best, if not at the top of the list. He was named 1st team All-State in his senior year. A few years later, Roscoe Tatum was a standout. In addition to playing football at TCU, he was a member of two NCAA championship sprint relay teams at TCU. Under Coach Surratt, Keaontay Ingram certainly deserves a mention. He was on two state championship teams at Carthage. After playing at both UT and Southern Cal, he is now a member of the Arizona Cardinals. Got a few carries for them last week in their win over America’s Team.
  6. Due to questions about the jump in his ACT scores, he wasn’t cleared to play at TCU in time to play in his freshman year. The following spring, he was the star of the spring game. Those who were there said he (as a freshman) looked like a man among boys. Unfortunately, he injured his knee -at the end of that game, I believe- and never played a game at TCU.
  7. Yeah, Anthony got to rest his arm that night for the next week’s game at Jerry World.
  8. No, you’re confused. This was the deal that he was prepared to offer Henderson if they had answered any of his phone calls.
  9. I did at 9:51 Monday night. What a competitor he was! Threw 6 TD passes in the 2010 state championship win over Coldspring.
  10. Any news to report from Coach Surratt’s Chalk Talk today?
  11. Joe played TE as a sophomore and junior. QB those years was Larry Brown, who played at Arkansas.
  12. How about James Street in the 60s (starting QB for the national champion Texas Longhorns under Darrell Royal) or Jeb Blount in the early 70s (played at Tulsa and in the NFL)?
  13. Could also make arguments for David East in the early 60s (started at Tulane, the same school Kai Horton now plays for), Audrey McMillian in the late 70s (QB & DB at UH, All-Pro DB for Houston Oilers & Minnesota Vikings), Joey Blissett in 90 & 91 (24-2 at CHS), Anthony Morgan in 2008-2010 (started on 3 state championship teams, was QB on 2 of them), Blake Bogenschutz in 2011-2013 (3-year starter, one year for a state-semifinalist and one year for a state champion, was a starter and team captain at UTSA as a redshirt freshman before having to give up the sport due to concussions), and Connor Cuff, last year’s star (currently playing baseball for the Ragin’ Cajuns in Lafayette, LA).
  14. I’m so glad this child is okay. Perhaps league officials should consider doing away with kickoff returns for 9, 10, and 11 year olds. That is the most dangerous play in football.
  15. The two starting outside linebackers are both sophomores, so they indeed can be expected to get better and better. And both have good size.
  16. I don’t know about those two, but #70 has certainly stepped up his game.
  17. I agree. They have improved and can be a playoff team with the same type of effort as shown last night. I was also impressed with their crowd support and the atmosphere at last night’s game. Best of luck to the Panthers. Edwards had a great game for CHS. And he couldn’t do it without the O-line, which seems to be adjusting well to the change in personnel necessitated by an injury. Greatness is attainable for the D, but foolish penalties need to be eliminated in order to get there.
  18. Lost the week before to Henderson (Ebner & Van Zandt)
  19. That was the last regular-season loss. Have lost to Liberty Hill and China Spring in the playoffs since then.
  20. IF we see any QB draws this season, it won’t be for at least another month!
  21. The first sentence of your second paragraph could be the subject of a separate thread, but it would just be a rehashing of threads from late November or December from all but one of recent years past. It’s now probably time for this thread to die.
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