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  1. That's not what Carthage Coach Scott Surratt says!
  2. I understand that both of these teams have outstanding high school QBs. Would be interested in learning more about them from knowledgeable fans of their teams.
  3. Although I haven’t seen any of them this year, I imagine all the district opponents will have trouble running their offense against the Bulldogs’ defensive front. And with 3 of the front 4 being sophomores, this could be true for another couple of seasons.
  4. The 2009 group (Cutter Clinton, one of Kemmy Henderson's sons, et al.) also ranks up there. They had several 3-year starters, as I recall.
  5. The biggest surprise to me about CHS thus far this season is the defense - specifically, the defensive line. All of last year’s starters on that unit were seniors and had to be replaced. Three of tonight’s four starters on that unit are only sophomores. They are doing a great job…and they should only get better.
  6. The wide receiver unit is the strongest strength of the Bulldogs.
  7. Has anyone seen Longview's freshman team this year? Wondering how they compare to Carthage's...lol
  8. Either the Panola Watchman or Larry Allen, the “ Voice of the Bulldogs “, had Cuff at 30-35 after the first two games. If LNJ is correct, he was 12-26 last week. I believe he started out 7-17 against Cornerstone. If so, that means he went 5-9 after that, which seems reasonable to me…but I could be wrong about last week.
  9. The Longview News Journal shows Cuff being 42-61 for 849 yards.
  10. I agree. It would be interesting to see how the two teams match up. Additionally, it would be fun to watch Coach Surratt's present school go against his former school, where he was Offensive Coordinator for a state championship team.
  11. Watch it…you’re going to upset the Kilgore fans.
  12. Mavchamp or other knowledgeable Marshall fan, Is this true about a freshman starter at OT? How many sophomores or freshmen start for the Mavericks?
  13. As Carthage also has a very talented RB (2nd fastest kid in the CHS program behind Noah Paddie), this week’s freshman game should be a football fan’s delight.
  14. Certainly, the sub-varsity coaches deserve a lot of credit. I found it interesting when I learned years ago that under Coach Surratt, all of the varsity staff, with the exception of the two coordinators and himself, were also assigned to work a portion of each day with the JV or freshmen. Half of them worked with the JV and half with the freshmen. I suspect this is still the case. The win-loss record of the sub-varsity teams over the years is very impressive; it's not all because of the playing talent.
  15. Thanks for the report. With as many sophomores as are starting - 2 on offense and 3 (or 4) on defense - the team shouldn't yet be anywhere close to being a finished product right now.
  16. Was there anything for public consumption at today's Chalk Talk at CHS?
  17. Sorry, I intended “8-9” to mean 8 for 9, not 8 wins & 9 losses. Also, “8-8” to mean 8 for 8, not 8 wins and 8 losses. My bad.
  18. The Bulldogs are 8-8 in state championship football games under Coach Surratt, 0-1 under Coach Sleepy Reynolds, and 8-9 overall.
  19. Carthage’s 2018 win over Marshall came 47 years after its last previous win in the series. The Bulldogs’ 40-0 win early in the 1971 season turned out to be one of that season’s few bright spots for Coach Bill Brasher’s crew. CHS’s wishbone offense didn’t fool many of their other opponents, as they won only 1 district game in finishing 3-6-1. Believe it or not, the tie came in the season opener against the Longview Lobos. (Just had to somehow get their name back in this thread). That was a long time ago…PantherNation2015’s father-in-law was a senior on that Bulldog team.
  20. After two games: QB Connor Cuff is 30-35, an 86% completion rate. He has thrown for 546 yards, which is an average of 273 per game. His average completion has been for over 18 yards. He has 7 TD passes to 4 different receivers. WR Montrel Hatten has 10 catches for 197 yards (19.7 yards per catch) for 3 TDs. WR Noah Paddie has 10 catches for 182 yards (18.2 yards per catch) and 2 TDs. All 3 are seniors.
  21. My prediction is that regardless of Friday night's results, there will be a lot more traffic next week on the Carthage-Marshall game thread on this site than there is on this one.
  22. You may be referring to his sophomore year in 2008, when he was a starting safety on CHS’s first state championship football team. Morgan played QB in the Henderson game that year when that year’s senior starter, Si Blackshire, was out with an injury. CHS beat the Lions, their former arch-rivals, 33-3 that night.
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