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  1. On 5/12/2024 at 7:17 PM, MattStepp said:

    No need to rethink, right now on paper I'd slightly lean to Kilgore's defense

    Splitting hairs but Carthage brings back eight starters from a defense that allowed 13.85 ppg a year ago

    Kilgore brings back eight starters from a defense that allowed 16.43 ppg a year ago....

    Pretty close, but I think Kilgore's competition week in and week out was better last year as well...the one common opponent they played was Giilmer.....Kilgore allowed 23 and Carthage allowed 47...

    We’ll all have a chance to see both of them play on the same field in Carthage in Week 1.

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  2. 21 hours ago, sumitstock said:

    The good news is tennison didn't want to play quarterback last year and is very happy now he can play defense full time 

    This is hard to figure. Tennison appeared to this Carthage fan to be an outstanding high school QB last December in the regional championship game. Not very many kids who can play that position that well don’t want to play it.  I would guess he’s looking ahead to college ball, but he should enjoy his senior year of high school football IMHO. There will be plenty of time for college football later.

  3. 20 minutes ago, Gen7Dragon said:

    #1 for Gilmer best individual performance I've witnessed in a while. 

    I'm not sure  about week in and week out but today he looked like the best back in 4a. 

    He was definitely the X factor. 

    I repeat: is he a junior (as indicated in today’s telecast) or a senior (as shown in the program for last week’s Glen Rose game)?

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  4. Congratulations to the Buckeyes. Have done a great job of turning things around since losing to Pleasant Grove. Best of luck next week against another team that has turned things around after a tough start.

    I’m sure this loss will provide plenty of incentive to the young players from Carthage as they work to start yet another long winning streak. The last 3 losses by this program were followed by winning streaks of 40 (2016-2018), 41 (2019-2021), and 29 (2022-2023). So it can be done…get your heads up and go back to work, Bulldogs. You have many fans who look forward to watching you go after it with all you’ve got.


  5. 2 hours ago, metalhead10 said:

    And I thought Carthage had a couple of sophomore linemen starting, Am I wrong on that?

    Sophomores start at QB & RB. The backup RB (with a senior out again with an injury) who scored the winning TD last week is a sophomore, as is a TE/receiver who has been a big contributor while playing in certain packages. One of the 2 sophomores who start at OLB also plays some offense as a TE/receiver in some packages. The other starting sophomore OLB is either the leading or 2nd leading tackler on the team. Two sophomores also start in the secondary. In addition, a talented sophomore WR has missed most of the season with an injury.

    Other sophomores are backups who have gotten limited action before games became blowouts and a great deal more time after games became decided.

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  6. 41 minutes ago, bansheefan03 said:

    I'm thinking 13 was first year can't remember honestly when they presplit but our last year in it was when we won state in 19

    Carthage also played in the Division I playoffs in 2007 (Coach Surratt’s 1st year) and 2012. Lost to eventual (and defending) state champion Liberty Hill in the former and in the state semifinals to El Campo in the latter.

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