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  1. GLEN ROSE TIGERS (13-1) Won over Grandview (11-3) 43-22 - A Class 3A DI power, Grandview was eliminated in the regional championship game Dec. 2 Won over Gatesville (7-4) 49-14 Won over Graham (6-5) 49-14 Lost to Brownwood (10-3) 3-17 - GR QB was out injured Won over Springtown (3-8) 28-14 - GR QB missed this one also Won over Venus (2-8) 69-0 Won over Godley (7-6) 69-35 - As 3rd place team in district, Godley had a nice playoff run Won over Hillsboro (5-6) 63-13 Won over Benbrook (1-9) 58-0 Won over Ferris (4-7) 56-27 - Was the last regular season game and was for the district championship Won over Graham (6-5) 55-14 - Tigers beat them even worse in this rematch Won over Fort Stockton (10-2) 63-12 Won over Wichita Falls Hirschi (10-2) 45-20 - Some experts had picked Hirschi to win Region I Won over Monahans (10-4) 62-14 Average points per game 51 Average points given up per game 15
  2. Congratulations to PG on another successful season. The change to the offense after the Gilmer game was gutsy and showed a recognition that what was being done wasn’t going to get the team where they wanted to go. Liked CHS’s solution to the TE situation with KD Bell being out - just have senior lineman Zane Schumacher put jersey number 85 over his normal 65. On one drive, when Johnny Lewis (#73) went out injured, he had to use both jerseys. Schumacher also plays on the D-line at times. This senior, whose dad was once the CHS baseball coach of a team that won something like 2 dozen games in a row, provides the kind of depth every championship team needs to get through a long season.
  3. My recollection is that he didn't play much offense his junior year (2016) until around playoff time. He played almost every play during the playoffs - both offense and defense. Without the tremendous boost he gave the offense, CHS wouldn't have won the state championship that year.
  4. Jekerrian Roquemore (#3) starts at a safety on defense and plays some WR. His playing time on offense seems to primarily be in 4-wideout formations (Hatten, Paddie, Manning, and Roquemore).
  5. In the 15 seasons (prior to this one) that Coach Surratt has been at Carthage, the Bulldogs are 11-0 in regional championship games. 2020 - won over China Spring 52-14 2019 - beat Midlothian Heritage 24-7 2018 - won over Henderson 28-7 2017 - won over Henderson 35-0 2016 - won over Stafford 27-26 2015 - won over Silsbee 56-40 2013 - beat West Orange-Stark 28-14 2012 - won over Silsbee 50-21 2010 - won over Argyle 44-27 2009 - won over Lorena 28-21 2008 - won over Gilmer 31-28
  6. Three of the starters were also starters last year. Two of them are seniors and the other one is a junior. One of the seniors, LT Keystone Allison (#76), is 6-4 or 6-5 and 270 pounds. He’ll be playing on Saturdays after this season. The other senior, Devion Wallace (#68), is about 5-10 and 250 pounds and is the center. The junior, RG Johnny Lewis (#73), is about 6-0 and 330 pounds. The other 2 starters are sophomores. The Left Guard is one of the Allison twins. One (#75 Brandon or #72 Braylin) starts on Offense and the other one starts on Defense. They’re both about 6-0 and 285 pounds. The Left Tackle is Cash Courtney (#50), who is 6-4 or 6-5 and 235 pounds. With his frame, he will probably put on several pounds over the next 2 years. I’ll leave it to the experts to critique them, but one can look at the games’ scores and get a fairly good idea of how effective they have been this season.
  7. Thought I read somewhere their QB has an offer from Texas Tech and one of their RBs has one from Auburn. That sounds like “wow” to me. Am I mistaken about the offers?
  8. Carthage vs. Pleasant Grove in Marshall Friday at 7
  9. It’s hard to show your speed if you’re stopped before you get started!
  10. How many go both ways for PG? And how many of those are linemen? Playing both ways on the line against Carthage sounds like more than a full day’s work.
  11. According to the game story in the Panola Watchman, Gilmer had 185 yards of offense, 123 on the ground (on 35 carries) and 62 passing (35 on the TD play). Ashton Haynes had 50 yards on 12 carries and QB Rohan Fluellen had 44 yards on 11 carries. Carthage had more than 300 yards of offense, with 182 through the air. LaRandion Dowden had a game-high 92 yards on 16 carries and QB Connor Cuff had 40 yards rushing. Totals for Matlock and the freshman Edwards weren’t given. Noah Paddie had 5 catches for 74 yards and 3 TDS, and Bradan Manning had 3 catches for 63 yards. There were 9 additional receptions by Montrel Hatten, KD Bell, et. al.
  12. His name is Will Henderson. He was a RB and actually outgained Haynes this year, although Haynes had more TDs. I think his jersey number was 22. As a sophomore last May, he finished 2nd in the 100 meter dash in Class 4A in the State Track Meet in Austin with a time of 10.48.
  13. Carthage had a head coach in the early 70s - it was NOT Sleepy Reynolds - whose teams chanted “Hit ! Hit! Kill!” before games and nobody seemed to care. I wonder if that was because society was so different back then…or because his career record at Carthage was only 10-19-1.
  14. This leads to the obvious question: How bad do you think the 2020 Carthage team would have beaten this year’s Gilmer team?
  15. I’ve been getting ready for this one since August…or before!
  16. He has a son who is a sophomore. Played JV during the regular season and is now with the varsity for the playoffs.
  17. Since the start of the 2016 season, Carthage is 96-4 (.960) with 4 state championships (2016, 2017, 2019 & 2020). The Bulldogs also lost once in the state semifinals (2018). During this same period, Gilmer is 78-20 (.788). The Buckeyes lost twice in the state championship game (2020 & 2021) and lost once in the state semifinals (2016).
  18. Hard to catch it when 3 eventual DI players are triple-covering you - Ed Pope (Texas A&M), Kendall Thompson (University of Texas) & Jalen Claiborne (Wyoming).
  19. When needed, this All-State Running Back also played Defensive End.
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