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  1. Carthage hardly ever runs two plays in a row from the same formation. If their opponent has a weakness (or weaknesses), Coach Surratt will find it (them) and attack it (them). He has enough “riverboat gambler” in him to keep the opposing defense continuously guessing about what’s coming next. He is a master at making adjustments…and that’s not confined to halftime. His offense can both run and pass at an elite level, leaving the opponent to have to “pick their poison”. He insists that his team always play hard. I suspect any defensive coordinator who has had to face his offense would echo and expand on the above.
  2. If Coach Surratt and his staff had been coaching Henderson that year, the Lions would have won state.
  3. They have the potential to be in the top 3 or 4…but it all depends on what they do from here. I think the 2008, 2017, 2019, and 2020 teams rank at the top. The 2008 team, the first state championship team, probably didn’t have the defense the others did (including this year’s), but they had Dwight Smith at RB, and he was unstoppable. Keaontay Ingram was the RB on the 2016 & 2017 state champions, and he is now in the NFL. The 2019 & 2020 teams had O-lines that averaged close to 300 pounds per man. Arguments can -and probably will - be made for others.
  4. Win #200 for Coach Surratt - quite an accomplishment!
  5. I imagine we’ll see that play again this season…maybe multiple times!
  6. I doubt we’ll see that play again this season.
  7. I believe Van’s varsity QB this year is a sophomore… and his dad is the head coach. Sounds like an interesting situation shaping up.
  8. Yes, he was the Offensive Coordinator after Coach Chris Smith (Smitty) left for Southlake Carroll to work for Riley Dodge. Last month, Coach Mac was posthumously inducted into the Carthage High School Athletic Hall of Honor. He coached there for 37 years. Prior to his death, he was also inducted into the Athletic Hall of Fames of both his high school in Bridgeport, Connecticut, and his college, Angelo State University. At the time of his induction into the latter, he was only the second basketball player ever so honored. Full disclosure: Coach Mac was my brother-in-law.
  9. After the second of those 2 consecutive losses, the Bulldogs went on a 40-game winning streak. Liberty Hill snapped that streak in the 2018 state semifinals. Carthage then went on a 41-game winning streak before losing last year to China Spring. They are 90-2 since losing the first 2 district games in 2016.
  10. As is probably true at many high schools, Carthage's football program has had many significant contributions over the years from the sons of members of the coaching staff. Under Coach Surratt, this has included the following: Coach Mike Morgan - Anthony was a starter on 3 state championship teams (safety in 2008, QB in 2009 & 2010); Austin, now an all-conference baseball player at Panola College, started at safety on 2 state championship teams (2019 & 2020). Coach James Foster - Camden was a starting linebacker in 2020 (a state championship year) & 2021. I believe he is playing college football now. Coach Charlie Tucker - His stepson was a starting offensive lineman who played on at least one state championship team...maybe 2. Former Offensive Coordinator Kevin Davis - His son, Kason, was the starting QB on the 2016 state championship team, which was probably the most overachieving of the 8 Carthage state champions. I recall that he later played baseball at Tyler Junior College.
  11. Coach Preston has a son who I believe is a sophomore at CHS. I’m not sure if he plays football - probably does - but he is on the golf team.
  12. Won't this game determine which of these two teams will be the district's #1 seed in the playoffs?
  13. VAN (5-3, 3-1) Week 1 - won over Pine Tree 28-14; Pine Tree is 1-7 this year Week 2 - won over Chapel Hill 23-17; Chapel Hill hasn’t lost since, as they’re 6-2 this year Week 3 - lost to Lindale 27-30 Week 4 - lost to Paris 13-45; this is the only game Paris has won thus far this year Week 5 - won over Brownsboro 41-21 in the district opener; this began Brownsboro’s current 4-game losing streak Week 6 - won over Canton 45-0 Week 7 - won over Rusk 28-19, which was the 1st district loss for Rusk Week 8 - lost to Center 21-63, which was the 1st district loss for the Vandals Week 9 - Open Date Average points scored per game - 28 Average points allowed per game - 26
  14. Carthage will win by a larger margin against Van than they did last week against Center (i.e., more than 36 points).The 2nd- and 3rd-team CHS offense won’t twice fumble this week and have the opponent’s defense run the ball into the end zone. Another bold prediction: there will be fewer penalties in this game than last week’s Center game…in fact, a lot fewer.
  15. This is the third consecutive year that these two teams have been in the same district. However, prior to that, they were in the same district only 4 of the previous 10 years (2012, 2013, 2016 & 2017).
  16. Personally, I’m sorry the most recent realignment resulted in these two teams being placed in the same district.
  17. Carthage QB Connor Cuff throws for an average of 265 yards a game. He averages 3.75 TD passes a game and has completed 60 percent of his passes. Center QB Emonte Cross throws for an average of 214 yards a game. He averages 3.1 TD passes a game and has completed 53 percent of his passes. Both are in their 2nd year as starters on the varsity level.
  18. 2022 CENTER ROUGHRIDERS (5-2, 2-1) WEEK 1 - won over TATUM 44-42 WEEK 2 - won over a strong SPRING HILL squad 63-6 WEEK 3 - lost to a team from LOUISIANA (not LSU) 42-71 WEEK 4 - won over DAINGERFIELD 65-44 (Tigers aren't quite as strong defensively as they were 30 years ago) WEEK 5 - won district opener over CANTON 52-0 WEEK 6 - lost to RUSK 35-40 WEEK 7 - OPEN DATE WEEK 8 - won over VAN 63-21 Average points per game - 52 Average points given up per game - 32
  19. Three weeks ago at Brownsboro, Carthage went ahead 41-0 with just under 6-1/2 minutes to go in the first half. Brownsboro scored the next two TDs in the game, as the halftime score was 41-13. Final score was 69-13.
  20. Best case for Carthage: Although facing a better offense than they have been under the Friday Night Lights, the young Bulldog defense again pitches a shutout. Carthage wins by the familiar score of 49-0. Best case for Center: The Roughriders are able to dent the Bulldog defense. However, that isn’t all good news for them, as the Bulldogs leave their starting offense in for more than the typical 2-1/2 quarters. Carthage wins 63-14.
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