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  1. I am absolutely not interested in any further comparison of Longview to Carthage, but I don’t understand the sentence above. Although it’s true that LHS runs a system that is not overly complicated, I don’t believe this should be included as a factor in their consistent and tremendous success under Coach King. It seems to me that Coach Surratt at Carthage has proven that high schoolers - including East Texas high schoolers - can succeed using complex systems.
  2. Possibilities? Texas High, where Coach Surratt was OC prior to moving to Carthage Chapel Hill, whose talent level has come back strongly Whitehouse - Mahomes vs. Bogie was fun (at least for 2-1/2 quarters) Henderson - perhaps their new coach will be willing to resume the rivalry Lindale - perhaps they’re also ready to resume the series Jasper, assuming they don’t move back into CHS’s district in next year’s realignment Silsbee, assuming the realignment doesn’t result in the Tigers and CHS being in the same region Pleasant Grove, assuming the realignment results in CHS being moved into Region 3 Gilmer - same comment as Pleasant Grove Pine Tree - I’d like a chance to see their stadium Spring Hill - at least one of their fans wants a shot at the Dawgs
  3. The final score was 38-13 CHS. The Mavericks’ sophomore RBs are tough.
  4. Didn’t a Maverick touch the ball before it went 10 yards?
  5. CHS hits 40-yard FG to bring the score to 38-13 CHS with just over 4 minutes remaining.
  6. MHS scores on its 2nd straight possession after recovering a CHS fumble on a completed pass. CHS 35, MHS 13 with 10:07 left
  7. MHS gets on the scoreboard with 5:44 left in the 3rd quarter on a nice 75-yard drive. CHS 35, MHS 7
  8. MHS hits a 40-yard bomb on its 1st possession of the 2nd half.
  9. Doesn’t Marshall start district play next week?
  10. Per Larry Allen, CHS had 281 yards of offense in the 1st half, of which 248 was through the air. MHS had 101, of which 62 was through the air.
  11. Yes, crickets on the visitors’ side is common
  12. The Bulldogs’ injury situation is getting worse By the week
  13. CHS leads 28-0 at the half The Bulldogs have about 260 yards of offense to about 110 for the Mavericks
  14. CHS 28-0 with 1:29 left in half Sophomore KJ Edwards scores to cap a 60-yard drive
  15. CHS goes 80 yards for their 3rd TD on 3 possessions. TD was a 7-yard pass from Surratt (sophomore) to Ross (sophomore) CHS 21-0 with 3:57 left in half
  16. CHS intercepts in the end zone CHS 14-0 with 5:42 left in the half
  17. CHS 14-0 after 1st quarter Bulldogs with about 131 yards of total offense versus about 20 for the Mavericks
  18. 60 yd TD pass from Surratt to Fields 80 yard drive CHS 14-0 with 36 seconds left in Q1
  19. MHS gets a couple of 1st downs before punting to the CHS 20 2:27 left in Q1
  20. 5 sophomores on offense? I hereby amend my previous statement about it being hard to envision Marshall scoring more than 2 TDS tonight to more than 1 touchdown. My prediction is CHS 31, Marshall 10.
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