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  1. I forgot to add that Bogie was also the only three-year starter at QB during the Surratt era.
  2. Blake Bogenschutz was a starter as a redshirt freshman at UTSA until his career was ended by concussions. He was also voted by his teammates as a team captain…in his second year on the team.
  3. I believe he is still at Tulane. He was last year and got some playing time as a true freshman.
  4. Another 2-play scoring drive for CHS. This one goes 33 yards. Scoring play was a 22-yard reception by Noah Paddie. With 5:09 left in 1st quarter, CHS leads 21-0.
  5. TD reception of 46 yards for TE K.D. Bell.
  6. CHS scores in the first minute of play on a 60 yard pass to Montrel Hatten. It was a 73-yard drive consisting of 2 plays. CHS 7, PHS 0
  7. CHS injured safety will be replaced tonight against Pittsburg’s slot-T offense by a fourth linebacker. Three of the CHS starting defensive linemen tonight are sophomores.
  8. If right, you've got a scoop (as Howard Cosell used to say)
  9. El Campo has also knocked Carthage out of the playoffs twice during the Surratt era. The first time was in 2012, and the thought of it still hurts. 2014 was the other time; they were just better that year, which was probably Coach Surratt’s weakest team. BTW, I have nothing critical to say about El Campo.
  10. Looking at the current results, perhaps a poll wasn't necessary for this thread. Or maybe the Pirates should have been given some points!
  11. I read this last night in DCTF in an article about Dallas South Oak Cliff. Does it remind you any other team you're familiar with? "There's a swagger to the Golden Bears...they have a much more lax pregame routine that often contrasts the boot-camp style of some other top programs."
  12. Just read in another thread that Pittsburg lost 8 of 10 fumbles last week in losing by 6 to Mount Pleasant.
  13. A few things jumped out to me about the Bulldogs Friday night. The defense appears to be further along than expected considering that there are 9 new starters on that unit this year. One (or 3) of the big reasons for 1 above is the 3 big sophomore starters - 2 defensive linemen, each of whom weighs about 260, and a 210-pound linebacker. Given that 2 of those 3 have last names that are quite familiar to long-time Bulldog fans (Allison and Ingram), I suspect those young men have been anxiously awaiting this time for years as they followed older brothers and/or cousins who played big parts for outstanding CHS teams of the past. The 2 new starters on the O-line are also sophomores - one of them being yet another Allison (the twin brother of 1 of the 2 new D-linemen, I suspect.) WR/KR Noah Paddie certainly hasn't lost a step; in fact, he may be even faster this year. He knows what to do with the football once it's in his hands. QB Connor Cuff appears ready for a big senior season, which is about the only kind of senior season any of Coach Surratt's starting QBs ever seem to have. His outstanding performance Friday shouldn't have been a surprise given that Coach Surratt said in all of the preseason interviews that Connor is way ahead of where he was this time last year. (Coach Surratt tends to know what he's talking about.)
  14. How bad will Gilmer SMOKE Kilgore, you ask. I didn’t see Gilmer’s first game, but I saw Kilgore’s. They have the athletes to avoid being smoked by Gilmer or anyone else remaining on their schedule. However, if they don’t make some adjustments in defending the short, quick pass toward the sideline, they’ll get beat again this week. Carthage got at least 7 yards every time they ran that play; Kilgore never made an adjustment, from what I could see.
  15. I knew Carthage was going to have to field a lot of new faces on defense, but I had no idea three of the starters would be sophomores. And both new starters on the O-line are also sophomores. Yes, they’re only going to get better. The conventional thought is that a team shows its most improvement from the season opener until the second game. If that’s true for this year’s Carthage team…poor Pittsburg.
  16. Who is Kilgore’s opponent in their next game?
  17. According to the Panola Watchman, Carthage’s top two running backs last year, both of whom are seniors this year, will both be playing on the other side of the ball this year. There will be two new running backs this year. Presumably, one of them is the kid who moved in from Atlanta.
  18. Carthage’s last regular-season loss - home or away - was to Kilgore in October 2016. There have been more than 50 regular-season wins in a row for CHS since that game in R.E. St. John Memorial Stadium. The week before, Carthage lost to Henderson in Bulldog Stadium, which was CHS’s last loss at home. After that 2016 Kilgore game, Carthage then stood at 0-2 in district play. But they immediately turned things around and won 10 in a row for their 5th state title and the first of 4 state titles over the next 5 years.
  19. The CHS 20-0 win in 1965 was a huge upset. KHS was led by QB Dennis Alexander. CHS hadn’t even scored that year until its 5th game. Coach Sleepy Reynolds’s first season at CHS was 1973, not 1972. CHS was trying to run the Wishbone in 1970-1972 under Coach Bill Brasher. The 1992 CHS team has to rank high on the all-time list of best teams to have not made the playoffs. They were state finalists the year before and ranked #1 all of the ‘92 season under returning QB Joey Blissett until KHS spanked them in Martin Stadium. They ended the season having won 24 of their previous 26 games…and sitting at home for the playoffs.
  20. When did Kilgore last beat Carthage in Carthage? Was it when Carthage was still playing in Martin Stadium?
  21. This isn’t the Kilgore offense I’ve grown accustomed to seeing between 2013 & 2020! This week’s game should be a good one.
  22. Who has Kilgore scrimmaged? What were the results? Does Kilgore throw the ball more now than they did under Coach Wood?
  23. Receiving corps will be the strongest area. Returning are 2 starting WRs & the starting TE. One of these WRs has committed to Oregon State. The other is an All-District kick returner (and an All-State baseball player). The TE has scholarship offers already. Added to this group is a 6-3, 200 lbs. move-in WR who will be a junior and already has an offer from UTSA.
  24. Keystone Allison, 6-4, 272 1. Arkansas State 2. Colorado State 3. Louisiana Tech 4. North Texas 5. Sam Houston 6. SMU 7. Tulane 8. UNLV 9. UTSA 10. Alcorn State 11. Houston Baptist 12. Northwestern State
  25. Perhaps it’s finally time to resume this thread?
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