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  1. I don’t know about the linemen, but it appears the upcoming sophomore class will have major contributors in 2023 at QB, RB, WR, TE, & LB.
  2. An unusually large number of the Carthage players were freshmen (who will be sophomores in the fall).
  3. The WR corps is almost completely new, but I thought they looked good. The big kid from EF (or LA) who played a great deal last year is apparently no longer in the program.
  4. Was a starter on the O-line as a freshman for the 2010 state championship team…now that’s impressive!
  5. If not limited to Offensive Coordinators, this would be easy. Scott Surratt is an offensive genius.
  6. Interesting description of the Honorable Mention Offensive Lineman from Bullard: "...among some district coaches thought to be the second-best OL other than an OL from Carthage." Carthage's O-Line had an Offensive Tackle and Tight End named to the 1st team, an Offensive Guard named to the 2nd team, and the other 3 starters named Honorable Mention. Three of these 6 are underclassmen (a junior and 2 sophomores).
  7. My understanding is that Montrel Hatten will enroll at Oregon State later this month, which indicates he has already signed with them. I’m not certain about Keystone Allison’s enrollment date, but he was one of the players included in the list Louisiana Tech released of those who signed with them last month.
  8. WR Montrell Hatten is going to Oregon State. LT Keystone Allison, who had about 15 offers, signed with Louisiana Tech.
  9. The Bulldogs are so loaded at RB right now that I look for 1 or 2 of them to change positions next year. Perhaps one to WR & another to OLB.
  10. The 2 leading rushers from 2021 both moved to defense for their senior seasons. OLB V. Cabada, a 2nd-team Academic All-Stater, and S Z. Williams joined fellow seniors Roquemore, Harper, MLB Marry, and DEs KD Bell and A. Lewis to lead the way on the defensive side of the ball. Marry and Lewis had given evidence of what they were capable in 2021 with stellar play on special teams and solid play as reserves. Bell, the starting TE in 2021, was the only 2-way starter for the Bulldogs for most of this championship season. And the contributions of the underclassmen were spectacular. CB Pipkins, D-linemen Morrow, Allison and Hodges and OLB Ingram had unbelievable first years on the varsity. (Actually, Morrow was the 1st reserve at DL on the varsity for a good portion of his freshman season.) Add it all up, and the Bulldogs never missed a beat defensively in 2022 despite losing 9 starters from the outstanding 2021 defense.
  11. Thinking back about 4 months before the season began, many -and maybe most - were predicting that Carthage would win their 9th state championship yesterday. What hardly anyone - and maybe no one - was predicting was that the defense would be as dominant as it was (at least for 15 of the 16 games). Only 2 defensive starters returned from the great defense of 2021. Roquemore and Harper were expected to play like the veterans they were, and they didn’t disappoint. But the other 9 starters stepped in and played like champions from the very start. To be continued…
  12. I can think of at least three assistants who not only tried to come back after leaving, but did come back. One of those is still on the staff.
  13. Also lose Davion Wallace, a 2-year starter at center. Does the kicker graduate?
  14. CHS had now won 97 of its last 100 games. Or, if you prefer, 101 of its last 105.
  15. Maybe coaches should include in the group that goes to midfield for the coin toss the senior team member who ranks highest academically in the class. Designate him as the spokesman for the group.
  16. Of the 20 Texas high school football teams playing for state championships in 11-man football this week, only 2A Mart (57.0) has averaged scoring more points per game than Carthage (48.3).
  17. Just checked this thread to see what has been discussed today, which is only 3 days before the biggest game of the year. Surprised to see that Liberty Hill is today’s topic. That’s a team that Carthage last played 4 years ago. I saw a photo on Twitter last weekend of Gunner Capps, the Bulldogs’ QB in that game, in his cap and gown after graduating from Sam Houston. He has gone through college since Liberty Hill and Carthage last played. Can’t something more relevant be discussed - something that will elicit responses from knowledgeable posters (e.g., Cotton and Panther)?
  18. The references to China Spring reminds me that their QB this year was a move-in from…Wimberley.
  19. I surely hope your prediction of less than 250 yards for Wimberley this week is more accurate than last week’s was…lol
  20. #73, Johnny Lewis, also started last year as a sophomore. Watching him on the sidelines Friday night, I would guess he is doubtful for this week…but I’m no expert in this area.
  21. Coach Surratt also indicated how proud he is of the character displayed by his players, saying that character is revealed when the team is behind, not when they’re 40 points ahead.
  22. He carried it that way every time he ran with the ball against Gilmer.
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