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  1. What happened to Van last week against Bullard? Were there injuries to some Vandals which increase the chance of an upset in this one? If so, what is the probability of an upset this week by surprising Spring Hill?
  2. Carthage is a prohibitive favorite in this one. After all, among the teams the Leopards lost to this year were Henderson, which proceeded to lose their next 8 games, and Spring Hill (sorry, PantherNation2015). However, L-E apparently was plagued by injuries most of the season. And they seem to have played their best football of the season in their past 3 games - 2 wins and a loss to undefeated Pleasant Grove in which they were driving for a tying touchdown with only 5 minutes left in the game. L-E always seems to have some good athletes. I’m sure that is true again this year, even though they have apparently lost some who transferred to Pleasant Grove. CHS needs to play at a high level. It’s now single elimination and turnovers and penalties must be minimized in order to prevent an unwanted result. As I’m confident Coach Surratt and staff will have the Bulldogs ready to play, I pick them to advance with a 35-point win this Thursday.
  3. CHS Bi-District Results under Coach Surratt: Record: 16-0 Average margin of victory: 30 points 2022 - defeated Pittsburg 42-7 2021 - defeated Gatesville 35-0 2020 - defeated Gatesville by forfeit 2019 - defeated Athens 49-14 2018 - defeated Waxahachie Life 49-24 2017 - defeated Huffman Hargrave 46-10 2016 - defeated Silsbee 34-30 (came from behind in final seconds) 2015 - defeated Bridge City 44-20 2014 - defeated Little Cypress-Mauriceville 10-0 (lowest scoring) 2013 - defeated Mexia 49-6 2012 - defeated Palestine 30-27 (smallest margin of victory) 2011- defeated Liberty-Eylau 28-7 2010 - defeated Pleasant Grove 42-0 2009 - defeated Gladewater 48-0 2008 - defeated Tatum 62-20 (highest scoring) 2007 - defeated Mexia 55-7
  4. As Bulldogs always seem to win at this stadium, I’m picking Kilgore.
  5. L-E is 3-6 for the season, with 2 of the 3 wins coming in the last 2 weeks. They average scoring 25 points a game and allowing 31 points a game. Lost to Henderson (2-8) 14-28; Henderson won only this game and their finale against Jacksonville; Lost to Paris (4-6) 0-30; Paris finished 3rd in their 4A, Div. 1 district; Won over Atlanta (5-5) 36-14; Atlanta finished 4th in their 3A, Div. 1 district; Lost to Sulphur Springs (8-2) 34-52; Sulphur Springs finished 2nd in their 4A, Div. 1 district; Lost to Spring Hill (4-6) 28-34; with this win, Spring Hill finished 3rd in the district and meets Van instead of Carthage in bidistrict; Lost to Gilmer (7-3) 12-56; Gilmer was the district runner-up; Lost to Pleasant Grove (10-0) 27-42; PG was the district champion; Won over Pittsburg (2-7) 33-21; Pittsburg didn’t win a district game; Won over North Lamar (5-5) 42-0; the regular-season finale determined the last playoff spot from the district.
  6. I recall going to Longview to see Carthage and L-E meet in a playoff game a few years ago. (Carthage won.)
  7. If I correctly read the DCTF magazine that I bought this past summer, it was 800 last time (2 years ago).
  8. That was two playoff-bound and playoff-worthy teams going at it last night in Bulldog Stadium. Van had a great plan. They had 9 first downs on their first 2 possessions of the game, which ate up all but 2 minutes of the first half. That resulted in Carthage having to hurry to score its second touchdown of the game, taking the lead 14-7 with 6 seconds to go in the half. It’s hard to score when you don’t have the ball. The Bulldogs did exactly what they.needed to do after the break, stopping the Vandals on their first possession and then taking the ball and scoring on a drive that was all on the ground. The tide was turned. I expect to see a rematch of these two teams in early December. I don’t expect to be able to comfortably wear short pants as I did last night.
  9. Thanks. Sounds like a good test for Carthage. I suspect Coach Surratt will have them ready for it.
  10. Do I correctly understand that you believe in the latter case that Van could score as many points Friday against CHS as did Center last week?
  11. The defending state champion Bulldogs are 9-0 and have won 106 of their past 108 games (including playoffs). The 7-1 Vandals’ best hope for an upset win probably lies in their defense, which has only been giving up an average of about 3 TDS per game (just over 12 points a game in district play). I see a a CHS win of around 35-14. How do you see it?
  12. Did Colt Hodges (#70) play defense last night, or only offense?
  13. 7 of Center’s were a defensive TD (returned fumble)
  14. I missed Carthage’s 2-point conversion after their 1st TD?. How did they do it?
  15. Sounds reasonable, as Daingerfield has averaged just under 40 points per game in its other six games. Spring Hill is another team that scored fewer points against Center (20) than against the other teams it has played this year (average of 32). Don’t know what the story behind this is, but I suspect one of the other followers of this thread will soon let us know.
  16. Question of the day: Did Center’s losing to Van last week, which took some of the luster off this Friday’s game, help or hurt their chances of pulling off an upset against the defending state champs?
  17. It’s probably a good thing that the two toughest district games are the last two. It’s an opportunity to really start getting in playoff mode.
  18. Lowest thus far was 28 in a 7-point win against Daingerfield.
  19. Panther, will Carthage be seeing Spring Hill in playoff round 3 or 4 rather than round 1?
  20. Biggest surprise of last night’s game: Jett Surratt running a QB draw 2nd biggest surprise: The Bulldogs’ senior blocking back #20 getting a carry. Just 2 more things for the D-Coordinators of future opponents to have to prepare for!
  21. Carthage wins 49-21. Per Larry Allen: Rushing yardage CHS 159, RHS 34 Passing yardage CHS 289, RHS 147 Total yardage: CHS 448, RHS 181 CHS’s 105th win in its last 107 games!
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