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  1. I can’t envision Jasper scoring more than a TD against WO-S. That is how much they scored against Rusk, whose defense isn’t nearly the caliber of WO-S’s.
  2. Terry, by picking Jasper over WO-S, you just revealed to the entire world that you have definitely not seen this year’s Jasper offense. Enjoy your show (except for the occasional potty mouth)…lol
  3. Carthage’s season opener against Crosby over two months ago was played in this stadium. The Bulldogs also played two playoff games there last year (Salado and Wimberley).
  4. From the Southeast Texas Sports Forum: H-F has an athletic QB who has started the past two seasons, and they have a “very physical defense”.
  5. Let’s pull for a regional final between Rusk and Carthage.
  6. As I seem to have upset some of my Rusk friends -which wasn’t my intention” - I hereby change my prediction from an “easy” win for Bellville to a “convincing, but hard-fought” win for Bellville over Rusk, which had a very nice win over Salado last night. Better?
  7. To clarify, I’ll be delighted, not disappointed, if Rusk upsets Bellville.
  8. Good luck against Bellville. Represent the district well.
  9. Rusk beat Madisonville by only 3 points. Rusk also beat Center by only 3 points.
  10. Those 7 takeaways against our Bulldogs apparently greatly impressed you. (This is one of the first times that my opinion has diverged from President Trump.)
  11. It’s hard to imagine Jasper even scoring against WO-S, assuming Cornell Thompson’s defense this year is one of his typical ones. And if Bellville is half as good as everyone seems to be saying, they’ll easily beat Rusk. WO-S vs. Bellville on Thanksgiving weekend appears to be a pick ‘em.
  12. What’s the problem, people? Carthage only beat Gatesville in the bi-district game last year by a single point, not 35 like last night.
  13. Is this a description of Bellville? I don’t know, I’m asking…so that I’ll know whether to pull for them or WO-S Thanksgiving weekend.
  14. BTW, for those of you who aren’t aware, Larry Allen was honored last month by being inducted into the Carthage Athletic Hall of Honor for his 30-plus years of being the Voice of the Bulldogs on KGAS. Having attempted some play-by-play announcing of Carthage football more than 40 years ago, I marvel at Larry’s ability to keep detailed statistics while also doing the play-by-play. Congratulations to Larry on this recent honor!
  15. Without a doubt. Larry puts a lot of time and effort into his role as the Voice of the Bulldogs.
  16. Thanks for pointing out my error. Serves me right for relying on Larry Allen…lol
  17. At #42, Gatesville ranks just below Madisonville (#38), which lost to Carthage just over a week ago 54-3. Yikes!
  18. This bi-district contest will take place in Athens Friday at 7:00 (not 7:30). These teams were matched up in the first round of the playoffs last year also. It was officially a 1-point victory for the eventual state champions, as Gatesville forfeited due to COVID. It will be nice to see these two teams actually get to match up on the field against each other this year. The winner will face the winner of the Orangefield-Sweeny game in the Area round.
  19. Based on the enrollments used in the last realignment, Carthage has 301 (58%) more students than Shepherd. That alone puts the Pirates at a big disadvantage before the game even starts.
  20. I’m addition to scoring a touchdown on every offensive possession, the Bulldogs scored on a pick-6 (King) and a punt return (Hatten) on the first half.
  21. Having never before played Carthage, the poor Kennedale lads didn’t have any idea what they were going to be encountering…lol
  22. Where does Gatesville rank? And Sweeny? And LaMarque?
  23. LE beat SH 21-15. If LE scored 18 points in the game’s last 2 minutes, that’s wild. What happened? A couple of SH turnovers?
  24. What is their season record? what is their most impressive win to-date?
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