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  1. Anything of interest from yesterday’s Chalk Talk that can be disclosed here?
  2. I’m sure at least one of the two is a defensive lineman, as there was some discussion of him on this site last month. I believe he was #54. Who is the other one?
  3. Shepherd is winless in district play this year, and that isn’t likely to change. Shepherd lost to Center by 16; CHS beat the Roughriders by 46. Shepherd lost to Madisonville by 9; CHS beat that team by 51 last week. Shepherd lost to Jasper by 28; CHS beat Jasper by that many points. Shepherd lost to Rusk by 34; CHS defeated the Eagles by 21. All of the Carthage seniors should get playing time on Senior Night this Friday.
  4. If they transferred in from Henderson, please keep it to yourself. Lions70 might not be able to handle that news…lol
  5. Having seen Jasper’s offense, I think they have almost no chance of upsetting China Spring.
  6. Gatesville, unless they come from 13 points down tonight against Waco Connally
  7. Either of these would be a new team for Carthage to play, although Sweeny beat the Bulldogs in the baseball playoffs once or twice in the past few years.
  8. The first two rounds will probably be against Gatesville and…I’ll guess Silsbee. The Bulldogs seem to come up against them just about every year.
  9. As with almost all of your posts, I wholeheartedly agree. Hence, I started this thread without asking the typical question of “Who are you picking to win this one?”
  10. A “few games” means 50 or so, correct?
  11. The Carthage Bulldogs will make the long journey to Madisonville Friday night as they attempt to extend their winning streak to 38. How many turnovers will they have? How many touchdowns will they give up?
  12. Thanks for sharing; very good information.
  13. The only thing more ridiculous than 7 turnovers in a game is winning 77 out of 78.
  14. It appears that in the history of Rusk HS football, the Eagles have never played a home game in October with Sitton as head coach against a Carthage team coached by Scott Surratt.
  15. Was there any news from Coach Surratt’s Chalk Talk on Monday that can be shared here?
  16. I’m confident both coaches approve of your choices!
  17. Since Telly Savalas is no longer available, Bruce Willis should play Coach Preston.
  18. Is the freshman a defensive lineman? Got a name and jersey number for him?
  19. Thanks. I see that he had 5 carries in the season opener against Cisco, averaging an impressive 17 yards per carry. This included a 61-yarder. Perhaps he is now injured. Let’s hope he hasn’t had the same experience at Navarro as Dwight Smith did. My recollection is that Dwight played in only one (or two) games there.
  20. Is Horace playing college football now?
  21. Does anyone out there remember the last time Center beat Carthage in football?
  22. Both Kip and fellow LB Foster went in on goal-line offense.
  23. I agree and would inert between “win” and “while” the following: “against probably the three toughest opponents on their regular-season schedule.” Crosby could well be the Bulldogs’ toughest opponent all season.
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