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  1. CHS 28-0 with 1:29 left in half Sophomore KJ Edwards scores to cap a 60-yard drive
  2. CHS goes 80 yards for their 3rd TD on 3 possessions. TD was a 7-yard pass from Surratt (sophomore) to Ross (sophomore) CHS 21-0 with 3:57 left in half
  3. CHS intercepts in the end zone CHS 14-0 with 5:42 left in the half
  4. CHS 14-0 after 1st quarter Bulldogs with about 131 yards of total offense versus about 20 for the Mavericks
  5. 60 yd TD pass from Surratt to Fields 80 yard drive CHS 14-0 with 36 seconds left in Q1
  6. MHS gets a couple of 1st downs before punting to the CHS 20 2:27 left in Q1
  7. 5 sophomores on offense? I hereby amend my previous statement about it being hard to envision Marshall scoring more than 2 TDS tonight to more than 1 touchdown. My prediction is CHS 31, Marshall 10.
  8. I’m interested in knowing whether the two of you prefer for your teams to win that big matchup, which would require them to play Carthage, or lose it and avoid having to play Carthage.
  9. Dwight Smith played one year at a small Arkansas college alongside his high school QB, Si Blackshire.
  10. Of Carthage’s starting front 7, 4 of them started last year as sophomores. Marshall didn’t score against Carthage last year. The CHS front 7 have played 16 games since then, all of which were victories. It’s hard to envision Marshall scoring more than 2 touchdowns in this year’s game.
  11. 9 of this year’s defensive starters are underclassmen.
  12. CHS’s 1st team offense didn’t play a snap in the 2nd half. I believe the Bulldogs’ 1st team defense played only the 1st series in the 2nd half.
  13. Carthage wins handily and ups its overall record to 99-2 since the October 2016 loss to Kilgore.
  14. Wasn’t Del Shofner once a Center Roughrider?
  15. CARTHAGE DL Richard “Bud” Marshall: Super Bowl Champion Green Bay Packers (1965) Atlanta Falcons & Washington Redskins (1966) Houston Oilers (AFL) (1967 & 1968) DB Audrey McMillian: Houston Oilers (1985-1988) Minnesota Vikings (1989-1993) 1st Team All-Pro (1992) DB John Booty: New York Jets (1988-1990) Philadelphia Eagles (1991-1992) Phoenix Cardinals (1993) New York Giants (1994) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1995) RB Keaontay Ingram: Phoenix Cardinals (2022-present)
  16. I don’t think going 2 deep will be very satisfying to the Gilmer faithful.
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