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  1. The references to China Spring reminds me that their QB this year was a move-in from…Wimberley.
  2. I surely hope your prediction of less than 250 yards for Wimberley this week is more accurate than last week’s was…lol
  3. #73, Johnny Lewis, also started last year as a sophomore. Watching him on the sidelines Friday night, I would guess he is doubtful for this week…but I’m no expert in this area.
  4. Coach Surratt also indicated how proud he is of the character displayed by his players, saying that character is revealed when the team is behind, not when they’re 40 points ahead.
  5. He carried it that way every time he ran with the ball against Gilmer.
  6. This answers my question about the reason #15, KD Bell, played offense instead of defense last night. #65, Zane Schumacher, played quite a bit at TE last week against PG with Bell not dressing out due to injury. Schumacher put #85 over his regular jersey and joined #82, Ricky Smith, as the 2nd TE in certain sets. Since Schumacher was needed at RG last night to replace the injured #73, Johnny Lewis, Bell was needed more at TE to join Smith in the CHS double TE sets.
  7. CHS had to score a TD on the final play of regulation (and then kick a pressure-packed extra point) to even get to OT in the MH game. The CS game went 3 OTs. CS missed what would have been a game-winning field goal at the end of 1 of the 1st 2 OT periods. And a Bulldog RB - now playing in the NFL - uncharacteristically lost multiple fumbles that afternoon. BUT…CHS is 4-0 at this venue, including 3 state semifinal games.
  8. #3, Jakerrian Roquemore, has been a starting safety this season and last. He was also the 4th WR when CHS employed 4-wideout formations. In this role, he came into the 15th game of the season with 170 receiving yards. In last night’s game alone, he exceeded that with 173 yards. Championship teams require players to step up in big games. With Montrel Hatten out with an injury, #3 stepped up big-time.
  9. I’m not sure which of the two was better. I bet there are a lot of opinions on that out there.
  10. If I didn’t live 200 miles away, I certainly would do that! And would likely sit next to your father-in-law.
  11. #3’s brother, who is now a scholarship baseball player in college, started a game or 2 at QB last year before switching to WR.
  12. #15 KD Bell seemed to play a lot of offense tonight, but no defense. I would have thought if he was able to go tonight, which he was, that it would be on defense rather than offense. Any ideas why he played no defense tonight?
  13. Timely fumbles by the opponents late, neither caused by the Bulldogs, saved them. Of course, in both cases, Coach Surratt’s offense had to take advantage with not much time left…and they did!
  14. After seeing last week’s game against PG - and with Hatten possibly not playing - they’ll probably opt for making CHS go over the top.
  15. I knew it was too early to get up…I’ve mistakenly gotten on the Brock-Malakoff thread instead of the Carthage-Glen Rose thread…lol
  16. Zane Schumacher has been named to the THSCA Academic All-State Elite Team for Fall Sports. The Elite Team is higher than the First Team. LB Viencint Cabada and PK Omar Medrano were named to the 2nd Team. O-linemen Davion Wallace and Jeremy Privett were named Honorable Mention.
  17. Does this assume Hatten and Bell play or watch?
  18. For those who attended yesterday’s Chalk Talk: Did Coach Surratt have any report on injured players (e.g., Hatten, Bell, Bowden, Lewis)? Anything else of interest that can be shared?
  19. Does he resemble last year’s China Spring’s QB?
  20. Which GR skill guys other than the QB are the most impressive?
  21. GLEN ROSE TIGERS (13-1) Won over Grandview (11-3) 43-22 - A Class 3A DI power, Grandview was eliminated in the regional championship game Dec. 2 Won over Gatesville (7-4) 49-14 Won over Graham (6-5) 49-14 Lost to Brownwood (10-3) 3-17 - GR QB was out injured Won over Springtown (3-8) 28-14 - GR QB missed this one also Won over Venus (2-8) 69-0 Won over Godley (7-6) 69-35 - As 3rd place team in district, Godley had a nice playoff run Won over Hillsboro (5-6) 63-13 Won over Benbrook (1-9) 58-0 Won over Ferris (4-7) 56-27 - Was the last regular season game and was for the district championship Won over Graham (6-5) 55-14 - Tigers beat them even worse in this rematch Won over Fort Stockton (10-2) 63-12 Won over Wichita Falls Hirschi (10-2) 45-20 - Some experts had picked Hirschi to win Region I Won over Monahans (10-4) 62-14 Average points per game 51 Average points given up per game 15
  22. Congratulations to PG on another successful season. The change to the offense after the Gilmer game was gutsy and showed a recognition that what was being done wasn’t going to get the team where they wanted to go. Liked CHS’s solution to the TE situation with KD Bell being out - just have senior lineman Zane Schumacher put jersey number 85 over his normal 65. On one drive, when Johnny Lewis (#73) went out injured, he had to use both jerseys. Schumacher also plays on the D-line at times. This senior, whose dad was once the CHS baseball coach of a team that won something like 2 dozen games in a row, provides the kind of depth every championship team needs to get through a long season.
  23. My recollection is that he didn't play much offense his junior year (2016) until around playoff time. He played almost every play during the playoffs - both offense and defense. Without the tremendous boost he gave the offense, CHS wouldn't have won the state championship that year.
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