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  1. 2nd -4th position for playoffs is there for anybody's taking in district.
  2. Ive rooted for Pitt every week, but this is the game that I seriously think will be Pitt's breakthrough in the win column and going into their bye week with momentum for district play.
  3. Mp wins in close game if Emory isnt back. But if he returns, Mp wins by 14 or more.
  4. Pitt gets into the win column this week. Pitt 21 Van 15
  5. Pitt freshmen played at Harleton and they have about 35 players who are bad to the bone. Idk what the was for them to be playing Harleton, if Tatum fielded a freshman team?
  6. Pitt offense gets three starters back for first time since Harmony scrimmage and we will see a much improved offense finding its way to endzone. Offense ( the team as a whole) is still a work in progress and only a few tics away from really taking off. Our main concern is district and getting into the playoffs. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if it started with a win over Tatum. It's definitely coming together and I for one, am trusting the process. Pitt Strike!
  7. I didnt say that they were going 0-10. I'm saying that Bates will always be a Pirate, whether they go 0-10 or 10-0, we are Pirates!
  8. 0-10 or 10-0, Bates is and will always be a ride or die Pirate! Good game MV.
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