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  1. Bo Atteberry, former Southeastern Oklahoma state university HC would be a nice pick up for Sherman.
  2. Agreed! And all three of the points that u have just mentioned would be easily carried out,no doubt about it. Excellent dialysis.
  3. Change will always be good for some and bad for others, human nature. Let the new administration do what they do and if it doesnt work, you can dance on their grave if u would like.
  4. Not in my nature fellas, trust me. Just stating what I know to be truthful and not just speculating.
  5. Maybe the new man's guy has just as much class and character?
  6. Castles applied for and was a finalist for Pitt job before bn reassigne
  7. If ur not from Pitt/Dfield/Mp areas, then you shouldn't be involved in this particular conversation bud. If u are from the area, then it's obvious that you carried the water during these " tough man battles" between these three school districts.
  8. Some of the coaches on Smoaky need to familiarize themselves to bn a coach in name only. Geezz!
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