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  1. Rumor is the cafeteria lady is play QB in the 2nd half for the Tigers this week.....Hope she stays away from the apple turnovers
  2. Tyler HEAT vs. Fruitvale in Fruitvale.....6 man track meet!!
  3. IDK if they always have them but I had some chicken and dumplings there one time that almost made me leave Dillon
  4. Cool. I never watched film. I just showed up and ran the ball but I was better than most
  5. You're right, if you lose kids you play smaller schools. The point I'm trying to make is you lose the kids that make a difference. I can't speak for everybody but in my town the school and community are dwindling. The kids from stable families that afford to play more and get extra work in go to school in surrounding towns even tho they don't live there. Sure we play schools our size but the kids we are losing are difference makers from good families.....that has to have an impact.
  6. I think the answer can be long and complex but I will do my best to state my opinions on this matter. In my opinion there is a nation wide movement of kids getting away from football. As we learn and understand more about the long term affects of football injuries more people are encouraging their kids to try something else. When I was in school everybody played football but you don't see that today. You see kids playing basketball and baseball only where that use to never happen. Why is that? Well, its easier on the body to play baseball and basketball and its easier on the parents at a young age to find teams to play on. There are about 16 million travel baseball teams so its easy to get in. There aren't just a ton of little league football teams and out of those that are playing a lot of them aren't teaching football the right way which again, leads to injury. Kids have a lot of things they can do that don't involve football.... The smaller towns you listed are dealing with kids leaving. People graduate from those towns and they don't come back because there isn't anything to come back to. Those that are stuck in those small town have to travel for work or they take really low paying jobs that causes them to live in the poverty level. Out of those two options the parents that have to travel to the bigger areas to work can just drop their kids off at a bigger nicer school and they have more opportunity than their neighbor down the street because they are going to a bigger school. The other option I mentioned is to stay in those small towns and work the lesser jobs and earn less money. The majority of those families struggle and those kids either start working very early or are really behind because they never could afford to play high level little league sports. The bigger towns are hanging in there because they are striving on tradition and still a decent number of kids (including those from surrounding smaller towns). As far as the small schools that are good year in and year out....their down time will soon be coming. There just isn't as many kids playing as there use to be.... I know I was all over the place but I hope it makes sense.
  7. they didn't but i didnt feel like arguing or explaining the difference
  8. I wouldn't say it has to have superb athletes to make it work. Pewitt and hughes springs both are usually winning programs. Neither have studs year in and year out. Sure, pewitt has better athletes so their offense looks better but you can be productive without athletes in that offense just have to have a bully that will go 3 yards a play.
  9. Yeah i agree but they woild have to do that for every school in the state at leaset 4A down
  10. yeah but if you don't drive everyday it would be hard for them to track all your hours
  11. Well if you drive everyday its easier to enforce with E logs but if you dont it will be hard to enforce
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