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  1. Chance Blackburn. He was at Maud a while but recently was on staff at Atlanta. He will do a great job.
  2. board meeting tonight i think then itll be out
  3. To make sure youre a pirate....I think yall hired a good one! He will do a great job!
  4. We need to separate D1-D2 in all sports in my opinion. we have 3a schools playing other 3a schools with 300 more kids. That's just my thoughts
  5. That only pirates get interviews there
  6. Probably didn't get many highly qualified applications.
  7. They tore baby dolls down...sad deal really. It wasn't as good as the landing strip but it was a decent time!
  8. you playing golf at the Indian today? nice weather
  9. I told yall two days ago he was moving. Yall didnt listen
  10. No, he is kind of dry. Probably wouldn't have much to say lol
  11. I heard a great coach from Carthage got a great player from Daingerfield
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