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  1. They do love that indoor facility!
  2. I think WG will score early but I expect Gilmer to have it hand late
  3. Big time win over Anna last week. This could be a trap game but I still think Celina gets it done. Maybe closer than it should be.
  4. I think cooper rolls. Wolfe City isn't a bad team they just haven't played anybody on Coopers level yet.
  5. LOL this is bold for a team that has only scored 22 points in 4 games
  6. Better get ready to do it then
  7. I'm not saying they are a top team just saying they are good lol. We all know who the top dogs are and Simms isn't one of those.
  8. I think Kilgore gets the win here. It will be interesting to watch the stout Kilgore defense against that strong running attack. Should be fun!
  9. It will be a better game. I'm going with the Elks but would not be surprised either way.
  10. Centerville. I think they are just going to shove it! Jefferson scores fast so Centerville will have the ball the whole game
  11. 5 wide... gonna be a show ole boy!
  12. They played Bowie, Bowie is good but they don't match up well against spread teams but they are a good football team.
  13. This might be the dreaded 0-10 year for HS....nowhere but up from here!
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