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  1. Well luckily they found one that will stay and try to build something!
  2. Breaks my heart for their family. I can't imagine!
  3. I bet the whole district is happy with those results
  4. Are you a 1 holer or 3 holer type of washer board? I've played both.
  5. Unfortunately with the way youth sports are today kids aren't learning the game deep enough to be compelled by a 1-0 game. You and I look at it like a chess match. Most younger people do not because it doesn't keep their attention.
  6. @SmokedOut things are looking up in Wood County!
  7. Ahhh i have actually laughed at this thread today. They do have lake Fork though!
  8. If the numbers I hear he is getting paid is true he better win in a hurry lol
  9. There is plenty of reason for optimism. Quitman is just an innocent bystander catching slugs for no reason!
  10. for no reason at all
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