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  1. I was there form4 years like everybody else…now I wasn’t always a good teammate because I was dealing with some generational demons but I got better
  2. He could’ve been the real deal. Head go to big! It’s hard to be good if you’re that arrogant…killed the locker room vibe!
  3. No way UIL approved it. Coach Taylor went with his heart!
  4. Idk how it changes big schools but I think there will be a big change in 2A-3a
  5. Some say Jason Street but I’m riding with Matt Searacen
  6. Unfortunately Hughes springs is like the East Dillon panthers when Coach Taylor took over….
  7. We didn’t have baby blue in Dillon….guess we didn’t get in on that
  8. Winky Williams DeKalb, Tx QB SR. Played Tenaha.....DeKalb won 64-28 19 Rushes 290 yards 6 rushing TDS 7-10 Passing 66 Yards 1 TD 356 total yards 7 total touchdowns
  9. They do love that indoor facility!
  10. I think WG will score early but I expect Gilmer to have it hand late
  11. Big time win over Anna last week. This could be a trap game but I still think Celina gets it done. Maybe closer than it should be.
  12. I think cooper rolls. Wolfe City isn't a bad team they just haven't played anybody on Coopers level yet.
  13. LOL this is bold for a team that has only scored 22 points in 4 games
  14. Better get ready to do it then
  15. I'm not saying they are a top team just saying they are good lol. We all know who the top dogs are and Simms isn't one of those.
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