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  1. Yeah no shot there will be grass lol
  2. Dallas Cowboys...."THIS OUR YEAR" "WE DEM BOYZ"
  3. no. That region is so tough some body will rise up and be rolling by playoffs
  4. Oh yeah. They are still going to throw for 5,000 yards this year.
  5. And Atlanta. They have been getting kids left and right but are managing to stay down
  6. Yeah thats getting close but should stay up.
  7. How close is Hooks to going 3a D1?
  8. Good because I heard they were close to dropping
  9. I know they hired a receiver coach from a local school that is a spread team. Slot t teams dont usually go out of their way to hire receiver coaches.
  10. I think that's about average for most small schools which is unfortunate because that usually how long it takes to get all kids bought in 7 through 12
  11. he was back at daingerfield last week
  12. If they get 6 years i think thats good for a school like that.
  13. going spread this year. Might take a few weeks to get that going
  14. Chance Blackburn. He was at Maud a while but recently was on staff at Atlanta. He will do a great job.
  15. board meeting tonight i think then itll be out
  16. To make sure youre a pirate....I think yall hired a good one! He will do a great job!
  17. We need to separate D1-D2 in all sports in my opinion. we have 3a schools playing other 3a schools with 300 more kids. That's just my thoughts
  18. That only pirates get interviews there
  19. Probably didn't get many highly qualified applications.
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