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  1. Hope Lindale is out of school Friday....Gonna be a late night thursday!
  2. True. Any demo can win but the Hispanic demo in Mt. Pleasant doesn't play football like some. However, Harmony, Van, pleasant grove, Lindale, and MT Vernon are well off just judging by their town and facilities . I don't know much about Carlisle so I cant comment on them
  3. There is basketball in Texas?
  4. LOL yeah the rich white schools.....apples to oranges between these and Mt. Pleasant.
  5. Rattlers.....Such a good name for a Texas team!
  6. Could this be Gilmer's most talented team since Traylor?
  7. Ok, you got me. I'm "thick" about 20 pounds heavier than playing weight. Just really like to eat, Chilis in Dillon use to be the bees knees.
  8. One of my favorite hobbies! I'll be late to the game for some good food!
  9. Alight folks, I'm a fat man. Tell me your favorite pre game eating places to hit as we start traveling Texas for playoff action.
  10. I love that place....Gonna get a Big Red ICEE and Beaver nuggets as a pre game snack
  11. Motivating is his strong suite for sure. I remember at Pewitt he had those dues flat out believing they were going to shove it down your throat all night.
  12. They also have one of the best coaches in the area!
  13. That was all coaching! Anybody that can get something out of Landry Clarke is a special coach!
  14. I know for a fact there are 4 players with D1 offers on the Daingerfield team. I'd be willing to bet there aren't many 3A teams in the state with that type of talent. This team may not be as good as the teams they've had in the past but they are still by far the most talented team in that district.
  15. They have more talent that we did at Dillon High.
  16. As much as daingerfield? Lol you’re crazy. Daingerfield has D1 dudes everywhere
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