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  1. Well luckily they found one that will stay and try to build something!
  2. Breaks my heart for their family. I can't imagine!
  3. I bet the whole district is happy with those results
  4. Are you a 1 holer or 3 holer type of washer board? I've played both.
  5. Unfortunately with the way youth sports are today kids aren't learning the game deep enough to be compelled by a 1-0 game. You and I look at it like a chess match. Most younger people do not because it doesn't keep their attention.
  6. @SmokedOut things are looking up in Wood County!
  7. Ahhh i have actually laughed at this thread today. They do have lake Fork though!
  8. If the numbers I hear he is getting paid is true he better win in a hurry lol
  9. There is plenty of reason for optimism. Quitman is just an innocent bystander catching slugs for no reason!
  10. for no reason at all
  11. thats true! forgot about that!
  12. Ill agree with both statements. Good little league ball. bad wait times for the concession stand
  13. I think you will be 3-1. I think Redwater has your number. Maybe not, but I think so. LK, White Oak, and Hughes Springs are on live support so you should handle them. Great scheduling for the first year guy.
  14. I agree.....and they know EVERYTHING. However, most of them haven't won many games after the 12u level.
  15. Yall better let him coach baseball too
  16. Good facilities plus I heard they pay well in OC
  17. I would say its the worst football district in the state.
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