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  1. They do love that indoor facility!
  2. I think WG will score early but I expect Gilmer to have it hand late
  3. Big time win over Anna last week. This could be a trap game but I still think Celina gets it done. Maybe closer than it should be.
  4. I think cooper rolls. Wolfe City isn't a bad team they just haven't played anybody on Coopers level yet.
  5. LOL this is bold for a team that has only scored 22 points in 4 games
  6. Better get ready to do it then
  7. I'm not saying they are a top team just saying they are good lol. We all know who the top dogs are and Simms isn't one of those.
  8. I think Kilgore gets the win here. It will be interesting to watch the stout Kilgore defense against that strong running attack. Should be fun!
  9. It will be a better game. I'm going with the Elks but would not be surprised either way.
  10. Centerville. I think they are just going to shove it! Jefferson scores fast so Centerville will have the ball the whole game
  11. 5 wide... gonna be a show ole boy!
  12. They played Bowie, Bowie is good but they don't match up well against spread teams but they are a good football team.
  13. This might be the dreaded 0-10 year for HS....nowhere but up from here!
  14. I figured that was the case. Unfortunately, that's small town football you only have who you have.
  15. They let me eat at Chilis for free in Dillion!
  16. They haven't won it in 2A yet.... maybe this will be the year?
  17. Yall got some good NIL deals for him?
  18. They earn it though. I promise they work harder than any school in the area. They have to to win with the kids they have. They get the absolute most out of a kid that they can. Takes a lot of buy in from the admin, parents, and kids to have a program like that.
  19. He need a job? There are plenty that do.
  20. I think calling the school/field the reservation is so cool lol. The big time media would hate it but i love it.
  21. Beckville is fast. They will prove to be too fast. They win big
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