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  1. Did you see the play where he does a 360 on the play action fake then throws a dot? That gunter community of players and coaches are special
  2. Yeah I don't see them scoring that much either. I'll say 32-20 New Boston
  3. I watched Joaquin two weeks ago and they did not look like the same team I am used to seeing down there. However, I know those kids are tough and they have a great staff I figure they will get rolling.
  4. Queen City is above average for them. I think ATL will be fine. They will make the playoffs but they should every year with the talent they have. Hughes Springs and LK are way down which means up is the only way to go. Wish Bloomburg still played 6 man. Avinger and McLeod will finish the year undefeated.
  5. I heard NB was more physical than ATL....
  6. If center doesn't find a Bussey I'm going with D'Field
  7. LE can't score. ATL can on bad teams. This may be a good game
  8. pewitt is struggling but they will drop next year and the slot t mafia will be back on top
  9. play preseason! On Thursday first game of the year and meet in Vernon....Id go
  10. Atlanta has dudes all over the place but judging off the inconsistency of their start they have a lot to get right before they beat anybody that’s good. They will beat new Boston because they are the better team but definitely got some things to get fixed
  11. I have never been suspended but I did go to mexico on a drunken rage in football season once
  12. This will be a good game. THE CITY getting better!
  13. Yeah no shot there will be grass lol
  14. Dallas Cowboys...."THIS OUR YEAR" "WE DEM BOYZ"
  15. no. That region is so tough some body will rise up and be rolling by playoffs
  16. Oh yeah. They are still going to throw for 5,000 yards this year.
  17. And Atlanta. They have been getting kids left and right but are managing to stay down
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