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  1. I like to mix it up! BUT we can still shake and bake at the Riggins Rigs whenever you get ready!
  2. Well I was going bands but there could be more!
  3. This is a great week one matchup. Both programs get after it but I will take harmony by a touchdown.
  4. What if I told you the greatest battle in this game will be in the bleachers?
  5. You think he took the job knowing he was leaving? I doubt that. If he knew he wasn't coming back why would he push the weight room so hard? Yall had state powerlifters for the first time in a long time if not ever. He was constantly pouring into the students during FCA and even had students step out and lead the bible studies. That seems like a lot of investing for a guy that "knew he was leaving."
  6. You trying to open up a can now
  7. yall ever go to ore city before their turf???
  8. Stimmy checks hit.....Folks went to the house.
  9. I agree they should've won. They were so talented that year. The slot t can be stopped if you know how. However, you don't see it very often therefore, a lot of teams do not know how to defend it.
  10. You don't see a ton of coaches under 30 with big roles in football. Yes, there are some but most are 30 and up. While the college game is moving to the younger more energetic coaches the high school programs (especially small programs) are dying on the hill of "experience".
  11. It may be but they have been pretty successful. They went to the spread a few years ago but that was a train wreck. I see what you're saying but I also see their point if its not broke don't fix it.
  12. They wont. Its agreed on before the hire that they will run the slot t. If a coach wants to run something else he goes somewhere else.
  13. No, he just wants to run the offense
  14. That is correct. I agree. If they start winning I could see some kids from neighboring schools easing over there lol .
  15. Unfortunately that is becoming more and more common. Good Luck
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