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  1. yeah pretty sure you and me could coach that team. Dress nice, get them to the game, feed them after. Thats about all you have to do.
  2. If you have been a head coach you can stay a head coach regardless of your record. I know a guy that has 3 times as many losses as wins and he keeps getting jobs. All about head experience. Hope this is a good thing for WO!
  3. Probably so. He totally changed the way carthage does business. I think he would do the same anywhere he goes
  4. wins...joke...but not really lol. Great coaches find a way with whatever they have.
  5. I've heard crazier stories....just cant remember when
  6. Those that wanted change will be saying to be realistic now that they got change
  7. I would do it now a play every 40 seconds lol
  8. If i get it. I'm staying as long as they cook crawfish
  9. An unwritten rule if you would
  10. word is they are still doing push ups
  11. Tough dude to follow. Good guy that ran a solid program!
  12. Thats kind of a downfall to small school football. If you hire a good one they will be gone in 3 years. If you hire a bad one they will be gone in 3 years too lol. I agree. Good hire for them!
  13. Well, they have fake names on here....Kind of like they do in the bar two towns over on Saturday nights.
  14. Edwards from HS would be a good fit. He already runs that offense
  15. Yeah I agree. Hold the ball and shorten the game.
  16. Yes maybe even some position coaches from bigger schools
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