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  1. I'm taking Queen City.....to win halftime!
  2. Man I will order steak fingers by themselves and they will come with gravy. I then go home make make pack of instant mashed potatoes. Put those potatoes on top of the steak fingers then put the gravy on top of all of it.... Fat boy chronicles
  3. I knew you were secretly cheering for Dekalb all year…
  4. Yeah I think that the unfortunate part of small schools. There will be days like this
  5. I think we can only use facts. These threads don't usually last very long because they turn into witch hunts
  6. The county seat usually holds that title
  7. I will too! With a large sweet tea and BBQ sauce
  8. Vouchers in the future or so he tells me
  9. Remember me when you do! Ill be the janitor!
  10. That would be really nice! Could be a money maker!
  11. Well. I think places like Royce City and the Tomato Bowl are pretty high on my list
  12. One is getting ready for the playoffs and one is ready to do something else....Beckville is going to do their best to score 90
  13. Let me ask you this....What do you think is the best place for a playoff game?
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