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  1. They will probably get a lot of applications. Small school that hasn't been great but been decent will peak the interest of a lot of people.
  2. My favorite small school place is probably Joquin....Its the hardest place to play in my opinion. Favorite big school would be Pine Tree or Sulphur Springs. Nice set up for both
  3. Had a cousin thats a felon vote in last presidential election. Unfortunately he died in 2014 but he voted.
  4. OC from a really good school north of Dallas
  5. Heard its a guy from San Angelo. Those guys from a long ways off are always the answer lol
  6. It really matters. They got to eat!
  7. I heard the new food joint in town was no good...That will hurt the number of applicants
  8. I have heard its a done deal...It will be brought to the school board during the next scheduled meeting in two weeks
  9. Oldest Working Dairy Queen in Texas....that's about the only thing this place has going for it right now.
  10. I just watched "Texas bucket list bite of the week" about a burger in Bonham with a jalapeno sauce. I might apply just for that burger!
  11. They lost some dudes from last year. I actually thought that was a pretty fair spot.
  12. Well.....dang! I need to get over there a little more often!
  13. Yeah that place is different....Wonder in they ate at the Dixie Kitchen while in town?
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