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  1. I wouldn't venture to say top five. There are a lot of really good fb programs in that classification. I think they're solid in that classification but lets not roll out the red carpet. I they could be top 10. But who knows. Football is a crazy game.
  2. lot of coaches on the way out. Supt. is causing issues because she wants her son playing QB. Facts.
  3. Those are in the ground...gives access to aquifers.
  4. 2465 Dalworth St, Grand Prairie, TX 75050
  5. heard there's a lot more to that meeting that didn't go as planned
  6. I was...til I wasn't. Mobile is much more cosmopolitan
  7. from my understanding...the word is...nobody wants it
  8. Another possible KAT is in the running as well.
  9. I think it's a good hire, Dwight's comments are concerning. Hope he does well.
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