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  1. was the head coach at S&S for two years
  2. From there, use to coach there, was the OC at Denton Braswell recently
  3. 150 kids in the soccer athletic period is all you need to know.
  4. Swoopes isn't even interviewing
  5. Part time teaching at Wolfe City
  6. Not Joe.... but someone that he's been working for maybe
  7. Tromplers destroy everything they touch....
  8. What's the latest on this job?
  9. The coach before you coach smithey had a lot more success with 7-8 wins a year. Just sayin
  10. 8-23 record, Coach Fletch and Coach Rod are laughing at this hire. Wolfe City will slowly fall apart.
  11. Good job and good luck Coach T-Mac LOL.... Hope it works out better than your horrific podcast.
  12. OC from Celina, He's a podcast and youtuber. I think he was told to look. Good luck
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