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  1. No. Some guys have it some don't. There will not be a winning season as long as there's no change. Holler back in 5 years. Let me know
  2. Looks like you guys were right and I was wrong on the whole "hire the most qualified....yadyadyad" My sincerest apologies
  3. Pp loses. Gunter out works pp in every way, so it's a win. Pp is a name only school. No substance, no heart, no fight
  4. Learn to read snuggle tooth. I'm not a pp guy. I think theysuck. Loaded with talent like yall, but no character. I said it before the game. They lost of it. Kinda like Semi finals vs Shiner. But call em up, prove me wrong....lol
  5. Phone calls go both ways tough guy. Call pp, make it happen. Prove me wrong....lol
  6. Ish aint SHIsh. My boys from Jim Ned and Brock all proved that. Just hit him.....he'll develop a limp. PP would stomp a hole in Waskom and Timpson both. Based on talent Based on character, DeKalb got a chance
  7. No hostility or animosity toward you and no arguing. I find this kind of conversation to be quite fun/entertaining. Here's what I think a lot of folks miss. You are validating the quality of a team by how far they get in the playoffs and if they beat a higher seeded team than what's expected. Anyone, including you, have to use the "exceptions" to the rule rather than what is typical and most times, overwhelmingly predictably right. Here's another MAJOR flaw in what I see in your argument. The "exceptions" most times, not all times, are created by the reality they are playing teams that should NOT be there in the first place. It creates a scenario that would otherwise not exist. Seriously, If a team has to fight 3 weeks long through nothing but District Champions and Runner Ups, then what's the likelihood of pulling off that unbelievable, most times not achievable upset that makes your point? It's slim to none. You remove, in theory, HALF of the best teams. You replace them with 3rds and 4ths. How in the world can you think this is "including" the best teams? Your 2019 Huntsville Hornets example wouldn't even exist EVEN IF you allowed Huntsville to replace a 2nd place team and go from there. Why? Because the brackets would e totally different. You never ran into a district opponent in round three. It took you 4 rounds to meet your district again. THIS is watering down the system and making it less diverse. Your Huntsville Team beat a District Champ with 3 losses, beat a 5-5 Team and then lost in the 3rd round. 3rd round in a system that is HALF 3rds and 4ths at the district level just isn't extremely "accomplished" in my opinion. I understand where you are coming from in the "competitive" sense. Since they cut the Classes into 2 divisions, I think it would be awesome to eliminate 1 round and only take 2 from each district. It would actually be more "Competitive". Please, having success in a more watered down system does NOT make you one of the better teams in the state. It makes you competitive in a watered down system. Cheerio!
  8. No misunderstanding here. I'll give you this. Yes, it's more competitive b/c you took the total entries and cut it in half and included everyone. I agree - this makes it more competitive......but "understand" this. The quality of playoff teams has dropped. More lesser teams in the tournament has lowered the quality of teams. So yeah, you are right. It's much more competitive because the entire thing is watered down.
  9. I agree with your last paragraph. I cannot agree that this system used these days is "more competitive". I could possibly go along with you on this IF, all the schools were in the same division. Not 2 divisions. 200 schools in a classification compared to 100 total teams makes it more competitive. This is YOUR logic, not mine. More teams in the playoffs makes it more competitive right? The old system had 200 teams with 32 districts with 2 going. 64 total teams. Now, there are 100 teams, 16 districts and 64 teams going. That's 128 teams out of 200 total. No way possible is cutting the total pool in half and taking the same number of teams MORE competitive. Not even possible.
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