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  1. Do you think that Miller has the same type of high school career if he would have been at Tyler High ?
  2. Ok cool I was just tryna understand why some fans have so much anger toward legacy.
  3. Because one of there players transferred to Legacy. I’m just saying JT fans always wanna blame legacy for there troubles.
  4. I just wonder if JT was still winning would the whole rezoning thing be such a big factor? I mean I don’t see chapel hill fans on here blaming Legacy for anything?
  5. I thought Holmes was thinking about leaving at one point?
  6. Being from Terrell I definitely have a lil more insight on this situation and the dude he lives with is not his parent and the guy seems to benefit with every move and I’m sure that if Bear wanted to have stayed at any of these schools he could have did so.
  7. He was ruled ineligible to play at Fort Worth Brewer. This will be his 5th high school I believe.
  8. You know they try to find a negative in anything that Lee/Legacy does.
  9. Legacy pulled there starters in the 3rd
  10. Wow out of all the comments I’ve seen on this topic and the 7 years I spent living in Tyler this by far is the best. Very well said.
  11. Nope he and the QB Diego are for sure at Cornerstone…. Juju was there as well not sure if he still is.
  12. There is still a couple of them there including Myzel Miller.
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