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  2. Okay I see you have to click on the team name before you get into the "Predict a winner" page. I'm glad that is still in there. Any plans to add the district ranking and record that the app had last year? Also this may be asking a lot but could we get an in app playoff bracket with scores? Instead of having to go to the UIL website to get the full playoff bracket.
  3. I do miss the feature where you could click on a specific team and it would show you their home venue and their district rankings and their entire schedule for the rest of the year instead of having to click through the weeks and search for their game.
  4. I like this update much better with the "All scheduled games" broken down by division, region, and district that is going to be very convenient when playoffs start. I know DCTF will get this right it may take a few weeks but this app is always rolling during district and playoffs when it matters.
  5. Who do you got? Carthage coming off of a dominating win over a good Kilgore team and Pittsburg coming off a close loss to Mount Pleasant. I think Dawgs roll in this one by as many as they want.
  6. Athletic Coordinator was posted 4/28/21 on Hendo website.. any info on this?
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