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  1. Yeah they must have misprint it because we scored 10 touchdowns Jett 6 passing Edwards 2 Rushing Marion KOR Beck FUM recovery
  2. 6 Passing TDs The Tightend throwback right after Edwards rushing touchdown was a 2pt conversion. Still a career night for a young quarterback.
  3. No players were ejected by the refs. I cannot speak for Marshalls player but the Carthage player you are speaking of was benched for talking back to Surratt. Good news is no players are missing time next week for stupid penalties last night.
  4. I think its going to be a 7 point swing either way. Something like 35 - 28 Henderson or LE I believe it will be more evenly matched than last year.
  5. Any update on how these games are going?
  6. Avoid the headache and reclassify and enroll at Texas? Could this be a possibility?
  7. That's like 17 tackles a game if its not a misprint he better have offers from every school in the country.
  8. Hearing about a changing of the guard at Henderson. Should we expect a #SteppBomb soon?
  9. Class 5-A, Division II: Port Neches-Groves (Jeff Joseph) son of Katy HC (Gary Joseph) he is in his first year as head coach of the PNG Indians.
  10. Blind squirrel finds a nut every now and then
  11. Okay I see you have to click on the team name before you get into the "Predict a winner" page. I'm glad that is still in there. Any plans to add the district ranking and record that the app had last year? Also this may be asking a lot but could we get an in app playoff bracket with scores? Instead of having to go to the UIL website to get the full playoff bracket.
  12. I do miss the feature where you could click on a specific team and it would show you their home venue and their district rankings and their entire schedule for the rest of the year instead of having to click through the weeks and search for their game.
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