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  1. Has he been an AD at any other school? I see he has had a few successful years in the college ranks and as an asst high school coach, but not getting to recruit your own guys is a completely different game I would imagine.
  2. 2006 (9-3) Glen Tunstall2007 (5-5) Glen Tunstall 2008 (3-7) Booker Bowie2009 (6-5) Booker Bowie2010 (1-9) Lance Angel2011 (7-4) Lance Angel2012 (7-4) Lance Angel2013 (7-4) Lance Angel2014 (1-9) Jay Brown 2015 (1-9) 139-475 Robby Clark2016 (5-5) 269-279 Robby Clark2017 (4-6) 315-365 Robby Clark2018 (3-7) 227-315 Robby Clark Don't know him personally. Maybe someone from Palestine can enlighten me on how his tenure was over there. Was there a lack of talent? Seems like they had a decent record the previous few years prior to his arrival. I remember they were not very good the first couple years they joined our district.
  3. Is this the same Coach Brown that was at Palestine a few years back?
  4. Touche'. I will remind you however, in the last thread that got locked, that I mentioned 3 weeks ago that a coach in Morris County was out. That happened to be proven to not be a rumor or hearsay this week. My sources, or witnesses, if you will, happened to know what they were talking about. I guess we will wait and see how this all plays out.
  5. I am not bitter. I am just stating the facts that I was told. Me and my wife have lived in Henderson our whole life. We know, and are friends with teachers and administrators that work on every campus as well as people at the Administration building. I was told by people at the administration building that basketball interviews were yesterday, and that was confirmed by people at the high school who saw them being escorted around. My niece said she heard the info directly from the Jr High coaches mouth. I am not sure how that makes this hearsay.
  6. I heard they were interviewing yesterday for the Head Basketball and Volleyball jobs. To me, this says that the Asst. Supt. has all intentions of being the AD, otherwise they would have hired a Head Football coach first. Also heard from my niece that the wife of the Asst Supt, who coaches at the Jr High, informed the girl athletes that she was going to be the Girls Athletic Director, Head Volleyball, and Head Girls Track coach. Also she told them they are creating a job in Administration for her. Hopefully she has whatever certifications that she needs. Talk about a sweet deal for family! It's my guess the board is going to look the other way and let all of this go.
  7. We can agree on something else! I think splitting the duties are a mistake. Whats done is done, but I dont think all sports need a change. The soccer programs seem to be doing fine, as well as softball. Baseball seems to have struggled as of late, but in the current district things seem to be pretty tough. Henderson hasn't had a dominant pitcher in 10 years or so. Seems like everyone else in the district are spitting out D1 pitchers like sunflower seeds. As far as basketball, Henderson has tried DWF coaches in the recent past with no success. Not sure what direction they should head there. I would say they need to bring Brett Carr back, but he definitely will not leave Tatum for Henderson.
  8. That's fair enough. What about the AD position?
  9. Just digging through the historical section of smoaky and counted over 140 wins for Castles in his career as a head coach. That's enough wins to get respect from anyone. You may not respect him, some of the bleacher coaches in Henderson may not respect him, but that's enough to get respect from any coach.
  10. I have been watching Henderson football for many years, from DA all the way to Castles. When Henderson has comparable athletes to everyone else they have been successful. When they are less athletic they have been less successful. This isn't rocket science. Henderson seems to be going through a spell where they currently have less athletes than everyone else at the moment. In a few years I am sure that will change. I do not need to ask any other coach what they think about Castles. I have seen him win and lose just like ALL of those previous coaches. He has played and beaten, as well as lost to all of the Doom coaches. I am sure they respect him just as much as he respects them. Since you 3 stooges seem to know everything that's going on in Henderson, let's get back on topic and tell everyone who you would like to see the next hire be.
  11. Look, the fact that you can not formulate full words and sentences let's me know all that I need to know about your opinions. Your friend that told you this, was he at every practice? Was he at every workout? If he was unhappy with his son's playing time, or position did he talk to Castles? Maybe his son was not giving much effort. As I said in an earlier post, people that get mad at coaches for thinking their average athlete should be getting D1 offers are delusional. Just as delusional as being a bleacher coach who thinks his opinion on who should be playing where matters to a guy that's been a head coach for over 20 years!
  12. Maybe the new guy will hire your friend as a consultant since he knows where everyone should be playing.
  13. Well now it sounds like you may be an angry parent who is mad because your child did not get to play where you thought he should have played. Or maybe not played enough? Maybe next year you can draw up your offensive and defensive philosophy, as well as a depth chart, and present it to the new hire. I'm sure he will be glad to make those accommodations for you and your son.
  14. Finally something we can agree on. Out of the Henderson games I got to see this year, I don't think Henderson ever had the best athlete on the field. Maybe Mabank? I am not sure the future intentions of the current Henderson players, but there maybe 1 or 2 that could maybe go play small college football if they want. As much as the parents may want to believe their kids are D1 caliber like the ones in the past few seasons, they are not. I have a hard time believing that a coaching staff can take a very average athlete and turn them into a D1 prospect in 4 years. Most of the D1 athletes I have seen are genetically different than the average athlete.
  15. I understand exactly what you are saying. When Carthage was bad back in the day, it was because of poor coaching. Now that they are good, it is because of good coaching. The years Henderson hasn't had a good record under Castles, it was because of bad coaching. When Henderson was good under Castles, it was all athletes and no coaching. Once again, makes perfect sense.
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