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  1. Can we just get Kenial Straim on board already!?! Heard there were some golf carts for sale by some shade tree mechanic ready to deal!
  2. It was rumored he threw a perfect game in one of them slow pitch softball games… stayed lubricated with a fresh beverage with each hitter…
  3. In fact… I don’t think Big Dan would even have to move for this one!
  4. Its been rumored he once skipped a 7 iron all the way across a water hazard.
  5. The one and only Big Dan!?! The Swine hauling, golf cart rolling, o-line & flex-bone guru! It’s been said he prefers them small towns, but… with his current place of employment, that may be changing! Ol’ Hendo may actually have a chance!
  6. You know I am ready for it!!! I might be willing to relocate Big Dan's Trucking and Buggy Time's corporate office to H-Town! Donning the blue and gold of NL might have helped the burn of that Henderson Blue!
  7. Former Brandeis HC is on staff as DC...
  8. Boy I asked you for the time, not for you you to build me a clock. You could screw up a turd sandwhich. There'll be a couple thousand miss this contest.
  9. On the contrary... as far east as you can go without being Louisiana...
  10. The Ol' Chunky Punter would have them rolling in no time!
  11. He swears it couldn't have been him, unless you purposely drove in front of where he shanked, I mean hit his ball...
  12. I hear he does have an affinity for Golf Carts... They could affect the package as well... If it's a well rounded offer, you never know...
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