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  1. Sounds awfully fishy... Are we sure all details are out?
  2. New square toed kicking shoe is much needed since the last one was worn out from all of the punting done during college... Also, will the back brush work in other areas as well? Hair has been spreading rather quickly of late...
  3. Some girls soccer teams maybe just as dramatic as the boys…
  4. Hear the Supt has already been in contact with Swaim... Has a brand new golf cart ready to seal the deal!
  5. Soon to be replaced by the nightmare that is Daniel Swaim!
  6. There's an available soccer coach 13 miles down the road...
  7. The old cattle & swine hauling O-line coach from 13 miles down the road is ready to take the helm! #swaimisthemanforthejob
  8. I tell you what tho... the best darn boudin balls are them that are stuffed with pepper jack cheese down in Opelousas at Billy’s Boudin! I’ll make sure to snag ya some on my next trip hauling pigs to Cajun country!
  9. We also hit every crawdad stand in-between! Me and Ol Goode got run off from one because we kept going back for “seconds”!
  10. A working Facebook golf cart and unlimited rounds at the course formerly known as Roy H Laird just might seal the deal! May also have to find room for my main man Goode!
  11. Graduated to square toe cowboy boots!
  12. That’s right! We’re not hear to be entertaining! We’re here to win games! #powderriverfootball But... winning games is awfully entertaining!
  13. Gotta keep that ol kicking leg in shape! Working teaching these AEP kiddos a new skill set!
  14. Hey now! That square toe was the secret to them booming punts! Plus I had to be ready for them PAT/FGs if the needed me! Special teams specialist! Betcha I can still boot that ball over them mountains over there!
  15. I tell ya what this ol fella right here could boot the ol pigskin! Coach Ferro & Coach Wood just didn’t want to risk injuring one of their linemen! I guess it paid off, ‘04 State Champs Baby! After a stellar JUCO soccer career I finally got my shot to punt! That opportunity came calling at TAMUC! That’s where the Chunky Punter was born!
  16. You forgot one! I look darn spiffy in purple & gold Baby!!!
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