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  1. Former Brandeis HC is on staff as DC...
  2. Boy I asked you for the time, not for you you to build me a clock. You could screw up a turd sandwhich. There'll be a couple thousand miss this contest.
  3. On the contrary... as far east as you can go without being Louisiana...
  4. The Ol' Chunky Punter would have them rolling in no time!
  5. We all know my opinions smell pretty well!
  6. Not happening.... Hear he's already designing new course with the new digs
  7. From what I hear, the ol Chunky Punter has things a stirrin'! They may really have to bring the house!
  8. He swears it couldn't have been him, unless you purposely drove in front of where he shanked, I mean hit his ball...
  9. I hear he does have an affinity for Golf Carts... They could affect the package as well... If it's a well rounded offer, you never know...
  10. Yea he is essentially a pro at Oak Lawn Muni! Folks clamoring all over to caddy for him when he shows up! It's tough to leave that notoriety behind!
  11. Tatum just didn't offer enough is what I'm hearing..
  12. @centex1 reported that Waskom's Swaim is in the running
  13. Sounds awfully fishy... Are we sure all details are out?
  14. New square toed kicking shoe is much needed since the last one was worn out from all of the punting done during college... Also, will the back brush work in other areas as well? Hair has been spreading rather quickly of late...
  15. Some girls soccer teams maybe just as dramatic as the boys…
  16. Hear the Supt has already been in contact with Swaim... Has a brand new golf cart ready to seal the deal!
  17. Soon to be replaced by the nightmare that is Daniel Swaim!
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