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  1. I almost agree 100% with you on this. Yes, the AD should have less classroom responsibilities for program quality control and development but if you don't have an assistant coach that is efficiently and effectively running jr high athletics/off season to mirror varsity's then you're not doing your job or some other factor has your hands tied and don't have a quality coaching staff.
  2. This is the most underrated statement I've ever heard and I've heard middle school kids say "I'm an idiot".
  3. Really? He might become a decent coach and other than vanity, he might be a decent person. However, he knew the whole time he wasn't staying at Detroit on purpose. His entire agenda was to acquire a head coach and athletic director title for resume purposes. That's fine, have ambition, promote yourself but stop acting like you "found a place that feels like home" or you'd like to stay there. He was shopping around for jobs in October. Detroit has been decent in power lifting since before B Ramsey was there. They've had kids place in the top 5 at state in just the last few years. Of course football coaches try to strengthen their team but a new hire building a state qualifying lifter in 5 months is unlikely. No, he gets absolute zero credit for that. What do you think this is, Build-A-Kid? You have somewhat of a point with FCA. I'm not sure what all promoting FCA involves or even if it was already at Detroit beforehand but I've seen on Facebook where there were quite a few kids meeting for FCA. Coach of the Year! How many schools are struggling to have consistent winning records because coaches use them as a revolving door? It's become too common and way too easily accepted as the status quo. Schools can't build a competitive program if they are only used as means of gaining experience or last chance offers. Half the blame does go to the administration or school board for creating this situation but then again they are told nothing but great things during the interview.
  4. Yeah. Everyone in every district that this kind of thing happens in should be if they care about their community. I'm all for someone taking advantage of better opportunities for them and their families. But coaches should be ashamed when they go into a district knowing that they're leaving the next year while being fake to everyone.
  5. It was a tremendous year for him. Got his first head coaching job. Continuously went around the AD to make the him look incompetent and himself look deserving. Guess it worked though because he got promoted to AD but that was also after he threatened to leave if admin didn't give it to him. Wait, but then he took another job that required AD experience while still recieving his current superintendent's unwavering admiration and praise. He did this all after continuously applying for every coaching job that came open, going 3-6 and preaching how much he loved it here, how he just loves everything about the community. No class.
  6. Oh let's see. A lot of zero experienced coaches get the HFC job due to the superintendent's incompetence. Sometimes the sup puts all of their trust in, and relied on a mutual friend shared with said candidate. I'd be willing to bet that he wasn't the most qualified with 0 years head coaching experience. It's not always experience.... Jeff Allensworth has been the AD at Detroit for a long while now and it was snatched out from under him. Wonder how the sup feels now after splitting the athletic director role leaving JA with just the title and gave Wood all the actual power AFTER Wood gave her the ultimatum of doing that or he'd leave.....then he left!! It's not always the most qualified for the job that gets hired, sometimes it's the grandest illusion. And just like that, the Wood be savior of small town football, whom undoubtedly proclaimed his goal and intention of staying there to build a program is gone. Taking with him newly acquired experience as HFC/AD. But that's just 2A football in Texas.
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