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  1. Not sure even some of them should be called coaches
  2. He ain't worth the time we already know he's from UG and Hallsville. Tells us all we need to know (non football schools)
  3. We certainly can't tell the way he's driven this program into the ground. Iske is a cancer to wo football and the superintendent and the board have let the entire town down by allowing him to stay
  4. It's very legit! No sign up or cost to watch all free!! Antler is local in etx. He interviewed keeling and 2 players that will also air before the game
  5. You can watch this game for free on the Antler Sports Network
  6. He should just excuse himself now and take over cafeteria duties.
  7. This game doesn't even deserve a thread
  8. You obviously misunderstood my comment. Never as in a Harleton Never beating WO. And I was joking (some) haha
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