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  1. Le wins 5-4 ! Great season Celina .
  2. lol Pittsburg , Van Alstyne , Gilmer , PG, Glen Rose , Wimberley. Crosby, Lone Star , Port Arthur , Mansfield Timberview , Aledo . Surely you see the difference…LV lost to the state champion 17-14 in the last minute of the game. outside of Carthage (probably could beat Crosby and Lone Star , not so sure about the rest) none of the teams the dawgs played in the playoffs last year would have made it out of the first round in 5a. @HearEmaGrowlin
  3. Well deserved imo. I’m ready to see him play at the next level.
  4. LE wins game the series with a win in game two 5-4
  5. Good year all around. Arkansas High imo has the best player in town. If he doesn’t get his name called in the draft I hope to see him have a good career at Arkansas .
  6. Tom it was more than just the QB. Defensive player of the year in district (Crite) and newcomer of year (Dowden) on defense were both out…Hall at WR who had 700 yards receiving didn’t play vs Terrell either . senior QB and RB got hurt early but things just didn’t seem to work after the QB went down.
  7. Holman RT and Gaines RG come back but no doubt it comes down to how they play upfront….imo within the next couple years I could see the o-line being one of the better groups they have had recently . 2026 lineman Duncan McGhee and Damion Chisum both were invited to the Under Armor underclassmen camp in February. McGhee picked up an offer from UTSA.
  8. Great game…Hooks 52-50 double OT
  9. Texas High - If they can stay away from the injuries I think T High can get it going. Dowden (newcomer of the year) plus Powell (Arkansas st offer) at LB have a chance to get the defense back to playing pretty good. Marshall - Having the QB back for year 2 in the system helps … imo Mavs got better each week. Texas High and Whitehouse having to play in Marshall is big when it comes down to who could finish 1-3 Whitehouse - QB was a player last year, gotta think they’ll have a chance because of him. Hallsville - Seem to be doing something right , last season was a big jump from where they were…anxious to see if they can keep it going but idk if they’ll get a playoff spot this year. Pine Tree - A&M commit Dealyn Evans coming back helps the defense out. If the offense can score some points maybe they make a push for the 4th playoff spot…not sure what happened but the 9-1 season seems like a long time ago. Mount Pleasant - I hope to see MP get some wins this year. 2026 class is pretty good so maybe they are still a year or 2 away but the QB comes back and he was pretty good. I think they could have a shot Nacogdoches - if I had to guess it is a long year for Nac but they do have some talent. I hope they find the right coach.
  10. awesome…I’ll be looking for them goin forward! Texas High Briley Barron OL - San Diego St John Jack OL- Kilgore College Tez Wilkerson LB- ULM Richard Jackson OL- Kilgore College Brandon Childs DT- Oklahoma Panhandle Xavier Dangerfield WR- Morgan St
  11. bad take….there’s a lot of hard working people in east Texarkana, I’m sure the same goes for south Tyler . dumb decision by a couple of players and that’s the result .
  12. The region that a team is in says a lot imo….Lovejoy beat College Station by 30 and they finished 2nd in district then got beat out in the 2nd round of the D2 playoffs.
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