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  1. PG scored 5 times 2 of those being the 2nd team...Mount Pleasant Qb was able to keep things going on offense not bad imo depth still might be a problem I think MP ended with 3 scores .
  2. he was player for sure... he was at Incarnate Word? Coach Smiley’s first year but Ive where they’ve started to get in to Etx for some players it seems a bit more , they offered a corner from texas high this summer. Gonna have to make a game. Kendall Reid who played at T High suppose to get some time at TE
  3. Nothing but good things out of MP most of the spring... PG returns almost everyone from a team that went to the 4th rd last year. I hope it’s a good look for both teams glad to be watchin football later .
  4. Congrats to Deayln Evans from Pine Tree committed to a&m yesterday.
  5. He can go play corner with the best of them if he wanted .
  6. anxious to see how it plays out, I think it’ll be a good game. McFall will be a problem, but Marshall RB can be as well...both return a good amount on defense.
  7. I thought MP would be ranked higher as well.
  8. looking forward to watching all the etx athletes play on Saturdays , excited for former Texas High receiver Tevailance Hunt name was on the watchlist for the Biletnikoff award with some of the best in the country.
  9. I agree, upfront I’d have to think SOC will be just as good as they were this past season. Lovejoy is solid as well....week 1 v College Station will be a game to watch . I’m not all that sure on what Summit brings back but after 07 mentioning back to back semi’s that’s enough reason to watch out for them.
  10. If QB is figured out SOC could stay on top with what they bring back. Lovejoy is another team to watch out for, but could be a year away..24 class is loaded. Team to watch imo is Summit I believe they went 3/4 rounds deep last year and drop from D1.
  11. Is Watkins going to be the starter ?
  12. could definitely hurt them in a couple months if he’s not on the field .
  13. no argument...MP was a lot better than record showed. Outside of Jacksonville loss though I thought Hallsville imo seemed to be a lot more competitive than the 0-9 ,2-8 teams in 2 previous seasons. Played Kilgore and Chapel Hill pretty tough early on, both of those teams played late in season, they also found a way to beat MP this past year.. I think district as a whole should be more competitive than 2 previous years , anxious to see how it plays out.
  14. Lone Star week 1 will be a good test right from the start for Texas High. New Qb ...#10 from last year was pretty good wr imo. could take a couple games but I think they’ll have a chance to be a little better on offensive side of ball if Qb plays well. Oline returns 4 guys , even with #10 going to qb they return 3 players back at wr. T Gray didnt play until 2nd half of district and unfortunately didn’t play vs Crosby but imo prob one of the better players in txk area in class of 24. Defense lost just about everyone . #16 D-end and #95 at DT come back, both made all district so could be worse. Nac lost prob best player this past year before season started, having him back goes a long ways. They also return quite a bit. Marshall even with new staff I think they are still 1st/2nd place in district with what they bring back. 4 playoff teams are Texas High , Nac, Marshall and Hallsville/MP.
  15. Hallsville was most improved team imo last year, like mentioned with what returns they could be pretty a team to watch out for.
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