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  1. atl is an absolute joke for this one
  2. always pulled for Atlanta but I I hope this bites them in the TobinFrost . He was ran outta town make no mistake about it .
  3. Being Down going in to the 4th quarter doesn’t sound all that dominating. we could If this and if that all day, Crosby made it happen when they needed to. I thought when Crosby picked up the 3rd and 20 it took way momentum from Texas High although they had the lead in the 4th. i think most T high fans knew with what unfolded earlier this week it would be tough but they still had chances to win last night.
  4. Great game! Crosby offense found ways to keep drives alive when it mattered most. Looking forward to next year. If Texas High can find a qb I think they will have a chance to be pretty good returning 4 olineman and both 10, 13 and although didn’t play last night smh #1 at wide receiver.
  5. sounds like you’re thinking it may end...let’s go T High. They can still pull it out .
  6. Do you know #’s of players that will be out this week? looks like if they can makes grades tomorrow and t high gets a win they could play next week??
  7. 4th round they will have to step up. Like you mentioned they have had guys out almost every game. If T high Qb is playing good I think they can pull it out.
  8. I blame Texas High grad Ross Perot!! Lol he didn’t know when he got the state legislature to pass bill in 1985 “no pass no play” it would cause problems for his old high school .
  9. imo Marshall game you go back and look at 2 starters out on defense and this was before addition of #1 at wr and #5 at Lb imo they both have made a difference since being able to play.
  10. Couldn’t remember qb from last year Branch was he #2? Is he playing anywhere this year? Tried to keep up with him after playoff run last year.
  11. Pretty even teams imo. Hope it’s a good game. Crosby dline is athletic but secondary is questionable. If T high can give qb enough time I think they can move the ball. Crosby Qb like y’all said has had a great year I don’t see Texas high defense being dominant this week because of him. He Can run with it and shown to be pretty accurate even when people are after him , have to pay attention to rb as well he’s had a few big games for them this year . RB and Qb were great for them last year but they also had a couple wrs that went to state in track that caused some problems for T high when they were able to get the ball in their hands. #4 for Crosby is a player but imo overall speed outside wasn’t what it was last year.
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