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  1. If you follow Twitter....I think it safe to say it’s coming..could be wrong though
  2. if I had to guess Marshall , SS and MP combined have beat T High 6 maybe 7 times since 99 . Marshall with at least 3 of those wins... it would be fun to watch if they did play but i still think there’s a pretty big jump ... Pg has scheduled some teams early in the year to help them when playoffs roll around. I think T High needs to do the same...I want both teams to make a run every season, last year was fun to keep up with having both play in to the 4th round.
  3. Interesting to see what happens maybe he will stay and pg keeps it going....17 was one of the better teams from the area..most of those guys had a chance to go play somewhere . The RB Cole has had the best career after hs imo and he’s playing D2
  4. PG had Linden on the schedule in 2016..they have been on a good run but some fans over do it imo. the players you mentioned at the next level were all apart of the 17 team outside of Martin that played Lb...not pulling against them but it’ll be tough the next couple years with the region being what it is.... I saw the new facilities but I wonder how long coach stays with his son being a senior .
  5. a Nac and Marshall fan mentioned it could happen....congrats to all 4 teams that won. Rough 4 games to end the season for the Tigers but some things to look forward to going in to next year.
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