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  1. Getting inside the 25 in the first half twice and coming away empty hurt T High…. had some chances but LV showed up when it mattered. Looking forward to next year.
  2. imo they are somewhat ahead of schedule when you look at how young Texas High is…the few players on the team that played on the 21’ team that was in the 4th round have done a good job with the younger guys on the team throughout the year.. if they stay healthy the next couple of years could be fun to watch
  3. The freshman at left tackle and sophomore at left guard hopefully gained some more confidence lining up vs the D Line from Summit…the offense has been successful running behind them throughout the year but that was hard to do Friday. It’ll be tough again this week but if the two RB’s can get going I think they’ll have a chance to score some points.
  4. 7 o’clock in Longview at Pine Tree after the PG/Carthage game. Should be a great turnout.
  5. Summit front 7 was as advertised, great season for them. T High defense gave up 2 early scores in the 1st half and played great the rest of the game.
  6. I think Texas High can win but they will have to show up all 4 quarters. Terrell scored 22 of the 28 points in the 3rd quarter. Texas High looked flat coming out after half….#0 at defensive end and #13 at receiver are 2 of the better players on the team imo and both have been out since the Whitehouse gm…both sides of the ball improve if they can get back on the field .
  7. Hall #13 at WR has led the team in TD’s… being out tonight and last week has hurt. Hopefully he gets on the field soon.
  8. 31-6 at half. 2nd half looked suspect for a little bit.
  9. Texas High teams finished on the year …Jv 7-1-1, Freshman 5-4 ,8th grade A 7-1 , B 8-0 , 7th grade A 7-1 , B 8-0
  10. T High played a pretty clean game for the most part last night. I still think they have to take it one game at time going forward….the 3 sophomores in the secondary have gotten better each week but a team that throws the ball a lot could still hurt them if they aren’t ready to play. #5 for Whitehouse was a good player, he was able to get open on a few plays and kept them in the game in the first half.
  11. Good game for Texas High headed towards the playoffs..45-21 . Starting D gave up 14 in the first half…played great in the 2nd half without the starting D End #0 out after getting banged up in the 2nd quarter…RB #4 was missed these passed couple of weeks, finished with 2 TD’s and 110 yards on the ground.
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