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  1. I thought after beating Kilgore by a couple score pt was a team watch out for. Mp has a really wr if they can find ways to get him ball maybe they’ll pull it out
  2. credit to hallsville . but after watching most of t highs games pretty obvious they played pretty bad on both sides of ball. I think if Marshall plays like they did early this year it will be one sided. if they play the game like t high did it will be one to watch for sure. Marshall defense gave up some points last couple weeks but still pretty good.
  3. I think Mavs win this one. MP at home playing for their season is hard on any team. Imo I think itsays a lot about Marshall to come from behind after playing a little bit slow on offense for 3 qrts. Hallsville is playing good and I think it’ll be a game for a little bit, but after last week Marshall at home wants that 1st round game I think they’ll show up. Defense is pretty good.
  4. true but defense came out playin bad i can remember 2 late hits on qb to keep drives alive one being on 3rd and 20 +
  5. slow down just a little bit....t high was up 26-10 at the half with the backup qb starting the game. No doubt hallsville played them tough but I would think they could have came out thinking it was about done for with the starter returnin
  6. lol I definitely thought it would have been a better game.
  7. Hoping it’s a good game . Looking forward to it.
  8. Still early for some but don’t forget T High alum Glen Smith who has hosted the Hoopsfest tournament in Dallas at the American Airlines center for the past 15 years is bringing back The Red River Shootout from long ago on Dec 3rd and 4th. I know the tournament in Dallas has teams from all over the country playing against each other Hopefully he can make this tournament once what it was. Duncanville will no doubt be the team to watch.
  9. nac had a few drops early vs hallsville that I’m sure would have made a difference. #15 and 5 at qb made some plays. 15 looks like a little bit better if he has to make a play and run with it...up to this point last year I wouldn’t say thigh had really been tested until this game and Crosby. defense this year knows they have to show up every game offense has struggled at times feel like they could have put a few games away this year if not for penalties and turnovers. thats a big reason why I don’t think they look past any team. defense this year isn’t as big upfront as last year but I do think overall they are much faster they have had more turnovers and scored more points than last year but lost a starter in secondary a few weeks ago before the Marshall game but he should be back for playoffs with dlineman coming back this week. 2 players that got eligible last week I think help both sides of ball prob need some gm experience wr had some drops vs Jacksonville but did score 1 td . With team having all players able to go for playoffs maybe we’ll see this them find a way to play their best when matters most. Jacksonville game looked good early 14-0 in the first 10 min and then got sloppy with dumb mistakes again on offense.(credit to Jax d they played good against the run) . T high Defense gave up a little over 130 yards offense but all passing 0 yards rushing. with nac fighting for playoffs tho I think it’ll be a good game. both teams can come with no injuries I hope
  10. Atlanta will make a push next year I hope
  11. I don’t think they look past Nac either . I think Marshall and Texas high both had a safety go play at d1 level last year but nac imo had best overall dbs in district
  12. I think the 2 teams have only played twice on past 20 years. One being a playoff game. Last year was a good game thigh Offense has 2 turnovers and the game was played in the rain after being on the bus for 3 hours so I’m thinking that played a bit of factor .
  13. I think t high will be a team to watch out for next year as well if qb is figured out. 4 guys will come back on the oline as well as 2 2024 wrs who both hold d1 offers. Defense will lose some guys but 2 on the dline and a Lb will be back I kno
  14. Tigers on top. Nac I’m sure will come out and play a good game. T high wr just got eligible last week so I’m hoping that helps the passing game a bit Texas high has yet to play a complete game on both sides of the ball. Dline has been good all year but I would think get even a little better with another player returning after being hurt against Jt..hope both teams come away healthy and make push in playoffs
  15. one sided. Gilmer much better team.
  16. that wasn’t a good game little belichick very one sided . My response was to jerryhawk not giving any credit to le if they play a good game or pull out a win. wouldn’t consider it being called gilmer over looking LE . especially after the way they showed up in the game your referring to . le better than folks think. bad game last week but could help them come out ready this week, same said for Gilmer v Pitt . both teams will be ready to play . hopin for a good game!
  17. so no credit to Le if they give Gilmer a better game than they have had all year ? That’s just gilmer over looking this game for the North Lamar game next week? Idk about that one...if you’ve watched le play you know are much better team than they have been.....Coach is in his 2nd year and made a big difference. 0-10 was only 2 years ago and they sit 5-2 rn..I don’t think you can really pick le to win with what Gilmer brings back from that team last year but we’ll see. I know tra Carson who played at Le and with Green Bay for a little bit was coaching this year with some other new coaches maybe they get them back to the deep playoff runs in 15-16
  18. looking forward to a great game
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