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  1. outside of a few penalties, good first quarter 21-0....no first downs for MP so far
  2. MP winning that game in 02 plays a part imo as to why some folks call it a rivalry
  3. lets see T High come out and play all 4 quarters...Colleyville game was pretty clean but gave up some points on special teams. MP could turn it all around if they find a way to win. Qb is pretty good imo , lost a good wr from last year but usually have at least one guy you have to worry about...hoping it’s a good game and no more injuries come up.
  4. tried keeping on the phone, sounded like it should have been 28-13 ... great game lobos !
  5. Bad first quarter but T High has turned it around..Hallsville scoring drive started inside the 10 after a bad snap from the deep snapper. 35–10 at the half .
  6. Hooks/ Pewitt LE/Sulphur Springs Texas High / Hallsville PG/ Paris
  7. Senior RB got hurt. Sophomore is #4 ...freshman is #32 all 3 would have gotten time imo regardless if senior was still playing or not.
  8. Sophomore LB I would bet leads team in tackles so some youth but defense seems to be getting better each week...3 points given up this past week , held a good offense from colleyville to 20....T High muffed a punt which gave Benton the ball inside the 15.. turn around next drive went for it on 4th and gave them the ball inside 25, another TD was on 4th and forever.. outside of that game though and LS first half they haven’t been bad on D.
  9. Hallsville/Texas High always seems to be a pretty good game. Gonna go with the Tigers though. T High slowed down on O with new qb, imo still have a chance to be pretty good on that side of the ball with Oline and RBs being what they are. QB having first 2 starts at home helps for sure.
  10. all dawgs .... thought it would be a lot closer.
  11. Defense played good for T High. Tyler Legacy had a fake punt that helped them get the 3 ...Definitely a different look on offense but can’t be mad at 27-3 at half with 300 yards of offense 2 passing TD’s...2nd half was sloppy , bad snaps killed 2 if not 3 drives in the 2nd half
  12. what year was it when the Qb left to go play in Shreveport? Marshall wasn’t bad but probably would have been a lot better if 3 year starter would have played his senior year. I might be wrong but 2 if not all 3 wrs are juniors so coming in and playing this year does help going forward but would think it is gonna take a few games to get caught up. Defense will have to play better imo
  13. One of the guys Txk Gameday mentioned Qb will miss the rest of the season....600 yards and 6 tds through 5 quarters...Hate that for the senior....I hope he makes it back for baseball season. Sophomore qb came in and finished 12/16 155 yards and 2 Td’s but don’t think he is the athlete that #10 is yet...T High oline will have to take care of the freshman RB and now sophomore Qb.
  14. Imo best game in Etx this week... hoping both teams come away healthy and make a deep run in the playoffs !
  15. Marshall in a close game. Hallsville O keeps it going CH over Nac didn’t think Nac would be 0-3 Whitehouse wins I want MP to get the win but not sure if they will. PT gets the first win of the season. Texas QB went down in 2nd quarter v Benton. Not sure if he is back or not hope they can continue on O without him.
  16. I think it stays pretty close... both teams playing good defense so far this year.
  17. Lovejoy down in the 4th to North Crowley...didn’t expect it
  18. I think a lot of the coaches have been at T High for 5/6 years now , no doubt that helps...hope they stay together for a few more years imo the talent is going to be there to make a few runs at it..a freshman and sophomore are splitting time at RB both scored vs LS and Colleyville.
  19. 5-2....Kilgore and Liberty Eylau* get the win I think
  20. I hope it’s a good game...gotta pull for LE but MP QB could keep them in it if he’s healthy.
  21. I was wondering same thing about Ennis..I think a team from 8-5a will have to meet up with them early in the playoffs
  22. North Forney 2-8 last year and Jacksonville was 1-9 .... haven’t seen Hallsville play yet but offense last year wasn’t bad and I think a lot of them returned this year...defense still looks like it is struggling though
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