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  1. 35-7 mid 2nd quarter for Texas High and some turnovers and onside kick alllwed MP to stick around. Good 2nd half defensively..58-28 final. Growing a little bit each week goes a long ways.
  2. MP getting 2 weeks to get ready for the game helps , Texas High will have to be ready to play. Lone Star and Colleyville have both put up a good amount points each week and neither team has lost since playing Texas High, outside of those 2 games the defense has played pretty good. Hallsville scored on the double pass from around the 50 and had another long pass on 3rd down in the first half but that was about it…hope T-High can get healthy and keep the momentum going. Marshall getting better each week is what we saw last year…PT has a good front on defense and Marshall didn’t seem to have problems moving the ball…don’t really seeing that being a problem this week either. If Marshall has some guys hurt it could change some things and with it being a rivalry game I guess you never know though. I thought maybe Pine Tree would be pretty good this year, not sure if injuries played a part or not but offense has seemed to struggle at times….idk if the secondary for PT holds up it might be a pretty good game though with the offense for Nac v PT defense . Nac being at home so that helps, but maybe PT shows up and gets the win.
  3. credit to the defense for Texas High. Dowden being the newcomer of the year last season I think most expected him to show out coming in to this season he’s been out since Colleyville…#7 Boyce at safety kinda turned the Colleyville game around with the int and he hasn’t played since that game either. a lot of players stepping up making plays..another freshman playing on the varsity probably had 5/6 tackles last night. Hopefully everyone on both offense and defense can get healthy and keep playing one week at a time.
  4. 2 first quarter turnovers….The Int by Wrightner is some what expected with him not having a lot of live snaps at QB, but the fumble by RB #4 Johnson was unexpected…he’s been solid so far this year and was last year as well. #3 Ball and #14 Potter watching from the sidelines 2night but the offense has showed some life between the 20s gotta finish those drives.
  5. Interested to see who all comes out and plays vs Hallsville this next week. QB going out early first quarter vs Legacy hurt but the offense still moved the ball on the ground…Hall at wr was out before the game started last night. If the backup QB has to start I think that him gettin back on the field becomes a little more important to give him another target.
  6. abysmal ? 99’-09’ Texas High went D1 every year the playoffs rolled around , I don’t think you can say they weren’t very good. 10’-17’ Texas High during those years struggled in the playoffs but go back and look at the teams they played in first round . Not many teams are winning those games. 10’ JT-Region Finals 11’ JT -Semifinals 12’ Sherman (5-5 not very good) 13’ McKinney North-3rd round 14’ JT -semifinals 15’ JT-2nd round 16’ West Mesquite(should have won) 17’ Highland Park -state champs The 2 years in D1 after the split 18’ they missed the playoffs. 19’ they beat Lufkin in first round and had the ball to go up in the 4th quarter to beat Frisco in 2nd round. I don’t necessarily agree when you say that Carthage is better than Texas High. Marshall’s best teams in the past 12/13 years were in 15’ 11-2 and Texas High beat them 28-7. In 18’ Mavs went 10-3 and got beat by Carthage 35-32. Didn’t play Texas High that year. Last year was Marshall better in week 8 when they played Texas High or in week 4 when they played Carthage ? Texas High defense wasn’t very good last year and the offense struggled after the QB went down but both teams still put up 40 points. I think Carthage 10’-17’ would have been better than Texas High probably all those years but the teams over the past 5 seasons with the new coaches have been much better than those teams they had 10’-17’. It would be a much better game to watch .
  7. I hope the Mavs get it going. It could be who they have played but it just hasn’t look the same imo and you mentioned the o line being young so that could be it also and they just need more snaps. They’ve looked good running the ball at times but passin game seems to be really struggling
  8. defense played good for 4 quarters. Hopefully some momentum going in to district.
  9. Texas High wins 17-14 with Legacy scoring on a backwards pass that they picked up. I don’t think you can be upset as a Texas High fan (as long as everyone gets healthy) with the backup QB playing 3 and a half quarters. Defense gave up 7 points, offense got inside the 5 twice…a fumble and penalties killed those drives. The kicker missed a FG to start the 2nd half but made the kick when it came down to it. Hopefully the QB gets healthy and comes back ready for district.
  10. QB going down 3 minutes in to the game has hurt Texas High but the run game has still showed up. 120 yards in the first half. The fumble crossing the goal line looked like a TD but that’s part of it. Young defense will have to step you and make some plays .
  11. secondary and offensive line. I don’t think many will argue those are 2 of the harder position groups to coach, talented like you mentioned but also very young. getting better a little bit each week will go a long ways .
  12. 9 sophomores and 1 freshman starting for Texas High. imo I think you gotta take it week by week when a team is that young . They returned a lot of positions players on offense from last year but the best player out of that whole group is only a sophomore .
  13. Thats debatable. If there was ever a PG team to beat Texas High it was the 17’ team that won state and even then Texas High could have caused them some trouble with the wrs they had on the field that year. 21’ Pine Tree beat Kilgore 42-27 who won the 4a district and PT finished 2nd to last in the 5a district, Kilgore also played in to the 3rd or 4th round also had a back and forth game with Hallsville that’s year until the 4th quarter. Last year in 22’ Kilgore won 20-14 over PT and PT finished last in district. This year in 23’ PT beat Lindale pretty handily a couple weeks ago and lost 18-0 to Kilgore last week and again I’m not sure PT will even make the playoffs with the way Nac and Mount Pleasant have come out playing.
  14. I’m gonna go Marshall . It’ll be tough but I think they find a way to win it. Frisco Emerson over MP. Although they seemed to much improved I think the OU commit playing QB for Frisco will be hard to stop. Chapel Hill is loaded, I think they beat Nac. If could be closer than expected if they can slow the game down on offense and find a way to get some turnovers . PT over Jacksonville. Offense struggled vs Kilgore but the defense played well. If they can find a groove on offense they can win some games . Texas High over Legacy but they have to show up on defense, it looked better last week but idk how good Benton was. I don’t think any are serious but Texas High will have some guys out this week so hopefully some guys step up. A lot of younger players on the field as it is. Kilgore defense will be a lot for Hallsville. Kilgore wins . Whitehouse over Henderson. I think it could be close for a little bit but the offense for Whitehouse helps them pull away.
  15. a lot of games left to be played but they have started out pretty impressive. Ithe new staff has done a good job gettin the most out of the players when it really matters imo. Texas High went 10-0 in the regular season in 16’ the year before Stanford got there. That team had some players with one of the receivers on that team signing with Chiefs. The talent wasn’t a problem imo. A lot can happen between now and the first week of the playoffs but hopefully they keep getting better each week.
  16. Slow start for PG on offense this year which is surprising with what returned from last season. The defense has played great in both games….pg 35-14.
  17. A lot of games left to be played but Texas High offense has looked good early… qb Potter with a little over 600 yards passing and 7 TDs through 2 games. Johnson finished with 160 yards on the ground and right around 90 yards for Ball vs Colleyville. The defense has stepped up and made some plays in both games but also struggled , nothing consistent. might be a stretch but I think the district could win all 7 games on Friday. Kilgore won’t be easy, but I’ll take PT at home after a big win over Lindale.
  18. +1 . The QB was a problem for Texas High most of the game….the younger players did show up when it mattered in the end . #9 Markus Hall the sophomore playing safety with the big tackle to force the field goal and Ball the sophomore running back with the big TD catch to go ahead with less than 2 minutes to go.
  19. Stepp called it. Texas High got all they wanted . The first quarter was hard to watch going down 14-0. Getting inside the 5 in the first half and coming away with no points almost hurt them, the offense looked out of rhythm most of the game but made some plays when it mattered. Good luck Colleyville the rest of the year.
  20. defense will have to play better but LS had 4 possessions start inside the 40. 2 being bad snaps to the punter and a fumble on kickoff return. Texas High got a little greedy and the RB ran in to the official and fumbled again right before half . 34-17 turned in to 41-31 all within 4 minutes to go, maybe less.
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