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  1. Longview should win this tournament the team they are playing in the finals is only 4 and 8 on the year. Eldorado usually is decent but is way down this year.
  2. I agree with you. What will PG do after net season when all the guys are gone because the pipeline is drying up! I can tell you they wont win with just PG kids! But I believe they are better in the wing-t
  3. I think u should change your name to iamanidiot!
  4. There sure was alot people glad to see yall get that beatdown! Yall gonna change the offense again?
  5. Im so glad you are proud of it! You got that man crush on PG coach too?
  6. #44 is not a stud but a good high school player! Not bad for a kid that is from Arkansas.
  7. Yea right after next year the pipeline is drying up because the guy that got all them transfers into PG is not associated with PG anymore. Just watch what i tell you! Yall might have to play with them rich white boys and be back to normal
  8. Now thats the first time you made any sense at all! They are good high school players probably D2 athletes which is nothing wrong with that.
  9. No he doesn't because you dont want to hear it! PG needs to get some more move ins from the area so they wont keep getting them beatdowns!
  10. Are you ready for that beatdown Friday night? All I hear is how PG changed their offense and are whole lot better. Of course you are gonna be better playing Spring Hill, N Lamar and Pittsburgh and LE they are not very good teams!
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