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  1. Are you ready for that beatdown Friday night? All I hear is how PG changed their offense and are whole lot better. Of course you are gonna be better playing Spring Hill, N Lamar and Pittsburgh and LE they are not very good teams!
  2. Hawkeye I heard you got a man crush on PG coach! You got pictures of him all in your room. We might need to put you on watch after the game after yall get a beatdown so you wont do anything crazy to yourself
  3. How did PG get two beatdowns with all of these D1 athletes? Carthage yall might as well dont show up you have no chance.
  4. Without( DK) PG is not getting all the move ons in Texarkana! Most are going to Texas High.He was the one getting them guys to PG.Since the fall out with Gibson he is associated with Texas High,
  5. PG gets smoked by Carthage! PG is finally gonna play someone with athletes. They had an easy bracket so far!
  6. Until next week! They will get hammered
  7. No they wont ! Year end and out they dont want any of Texas High different animal!
  8. You are fool if you think them kids live in the PG district! They might be eligible but I know for a fact over half the starters live outside the district!
  9. Everyone fade this guy on picking games he has no clue!
  10. PG (Texarkana All Stars) is still a stepchild to Carthage and Gilmer!!
  11. Liberty Eylau is not very good on offense Center should have no problems with this game.
  12. Because it is true thats the reason you get tired of it!
  13. LE will get hammered by Gilmer!
  14. Make PG throw the ball then they are in trouble! They also have to many players going both ways which will hurt them. Gilmer by 14 over the Texarkana all stars!
  15. Officials didnt have any thing to do with this loss! LE offense is awful hasnt scored more than two touchdowns in a game this year. Other teams gift wrapped them the games they won.
  16. Mt Pleasant gave the game away! The only scores for LE was because of a dropped snap on a punt inside the 20 and a snap over the punters head inside the 20. LE is a little better but wont be able to hang with Gilmer or PG.
  17. Better get there early went by stadium today and it is really small! Not much bigger than LE or PG stadium.
  18. Yep they had alot of transfers this year that really helped. The rich gets richer
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