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  1. Wilkerson just moved from Arkansas High!
  2. Yep and both of them can coach circles around PG coach!
  3. McClure is from Atlanta.
  4. Not true! If they fail they are still ineligible for the semester not for a couple of weeks like Texas. I know a couple of kids that are ineligible right now that cant run track.
  5. U are right there is more Ark kids going to the Texas side instead of vise versa.
  6. You might be right! Too many women running that district over there
  7. U must be living under a rock! There has been lots of kids that has played at AHS that lived in Texas. Its like that all over town
  8. Good question? Everyone wants to know that i guess covid!
  9. No he has resigned. They are looking for a Head Coach in fact today is the last day to apply for the job.
  10. Fowler wins with a whole lot less talent! Put Fincher at LE and see how he would do.
  11. Fowler is a better coach than Fincher.
  12. This offense will give Texas High fits run right at them because you cant out run them. Great hire will be very tough to beat.
  13. I think you are correct I will try and tone it down sorry about that i apologize .
  14. No they wont because Gibson wanted to play Texas rules at both places! Thats a fact i dont care what you think!
  15. AHS called LE and they said they wouldn't play! Then they turn around and put Paris on their schedule which is crazy.Paris is a whole lot better than AHS right now! Paris will beat the brakes off of LE
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