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  1. But how many teams has TH beaten with a winning record? They are good but their district is really bad .
  2. Im ready to hear how bad yalls QB is again! Throw him under the bus.
  3. Nope they are out of school Friday!
  4. They are out of school Friday thats the reason they are playing Thursday!
  5. How is that negative that was a beatdown!
  6. N Lamar and Springhill will make you better!! Beatdown
  7. Look whose talking you only have one comeback Grandpa!!
  8. Your right I need to respect my 70 year old elders my bad!! Have a great day
  9. You are an idiot! You need a new saying getting old! Go back to your basement.
  10. Do you really think i care what you think?
  11. What shortcomings do I have? And yes I agree he has built a good program! U dont know me so u dont know what I have! Im sorry I hurt your feelings!
  12. No im not from LE actually im from PG! Keep that man crush on Josh!
  13. You are ignorant when did i say you didnt know anything about that? Keep up the good work Josh!
  14. People outside of Texarkana just dont know how much recruiting is going on over at PG!! They have at least five kids from LE alone playing football.
  15. Oh yea right them kids from all over are coming for the education u full of bs! U have that man crush on Gibson?
  16. If that is what you think! I know what is going on over there didnt mean to hurt your feelings .Your full of it bs!
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