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  1. Very impressive. We just seen what China springs did. Didn't know that. That goes to show there the real deal. And I feel like you can compare teams lol.
  2. Game day.cant wait to see this stud freshman show everyone what they have to deal with for the next three years. I have a good feeling we're about to show out. I believe the state champ comes out of this game. Hoping for injury free game for both sides.
  3. Why in the heck would I say county. Go back and look. I'll be waiting. You just make things up and act like there facts. Talking bout slow
  4. At least you could understand the reply. It was over his head even though it was a reply to his statement
  5. You said past championships can't help this year,and I said it's a good thing for y'all because y'all would be out of there. Next time I'll break out the crayons.
  6. And last time we played for state was 12. Been in the mix though since. Lost out in 4th round and third a bunch since then. Were always in the mix. So say what you will but daingerfield is always competitive. Our down years is what almost every team wishes for ol son.
  7. First of all let's keep our focus on this year because last year has absolutely nothing to do with anything. Secondly key word "supposed" to be better. They weren't they sucked. And a lot has to do with waskom forcing them to suck. But also a lot to do with not executing . Waskom did what they where supposed to do but it would had been no different if daingerfield played them. They were terrible. But hey let's see how much whooping up on newton can help y'all this game.
  8. I watched the newton/waskom game. And waskom just played keep away and newton couldn't complete a pass to save their life. Wide open all night. Daingerfield will be able to pass and often. Its going to be tough to stop that run game but it takes to much time off the clock especially when I know daingerfield will be able to score quick with or without d lewis. Y'all keep sleeping on daingerfield I like it that way. Daingerfield will win this game. Plus we got the revenge factor from last year. Daingerfield 48 waskom 22. They can't score fast enough.And our run d is better than everyone gives them credit.
  9. If the QB would had been more accurate with the deep ball wr would had scored more. That's just honest. Our dbs didn't give them enough cushion imo had em beat a few times. But our run game is what impressed me last night and our run d as well.
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